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It depends entirely on your cell phone. You can usually download a manual off the internet.

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Q: How do you program numbers into a cell phone?
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What is a cell phone application?

program that works on cell phone

How do you switch phone numbers from cell phone to cell phone?

You do it through your carrier.

Where can I look up cell phone numbers?

You could look up cell phone numbers online in a directory however cell phone numbers are not like home phone numbers and are much harder to research and come by

How do you download cell snoop program into cell phone?

It must be downloaded to you computer then transferred to your cell phone

Are cell phone numbers in the phone book?

Generally not. Phone books list land line phone numbers.

Do they have simple cell phones for kids?

Several cell phone providers has cell phones specifically designed for kids and teens so first check with your current provider. For young children a cellphone such as the LG Migo VX1000 would be great because you program in phone numbers like your home phone and emergency numbers.

What is Rob Dyrdek's cell phone number?

WikiAnswers does not give out cell phone numbers.

How do you get numbers off a broken cell phone?

it depends on what type of cell phone it is. if it is a flip phone, or a non-flip phone

What is Miranda Cosgrove's family and friend cell phone number?

Sorry- we do not provide personal information. That includes phone numbers. ESPECIALLY cell phone numbers.

Can you track cell phone numbers?

You can track cell phone numbers. However, the most advanced forms of cell phone tracking are only available to the police and other authorities and are not available to the public.

Why are phone numbers not allowed on WikiAnswers?

It is a violation of privacy to give out personal phone numbers. These include home and cell phone numbers.

How can you get numbers on a broken cell phone?


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