How do you pronounce the name of the French composer Eduard Lalo in French?

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Hello I'm french
Edouard Lalo it's like ... Eh do hard without 'd' last without 'st' hello without 'hel'..
I don't know how to help you... :/
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How is the French name Braille pronounced?

You get close to the French pronunciation by juxtaposing the English word "bra" and the sound "ee". "bra-ee". (A phonetic spelling is /bʁɑj/, assuming the font shows up properly)

Why do the French pronounce R like that?

There is more than one French r. It may trilled or uvular. The uvular French or German r, incidentally, is identical to the Arabic 'ayin, a sound so foreign to English that it doesn't even have a letter, only an apostrophe.

How do you pronounce father in French?

The word for father in french is "père," which is pronounced effectively the same as the english word "pear" -- that is, pehr with the eh the same value as the word "eh?" But the r is a French r, which uh, is hard to describe in words. Go find someone saying it on youtube and try to mimic them.

When was the French national anthem composed?

La Marseillaise was composed at one sitting on April 24 1792 by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle. It was adopted as a marching song by the forces who marched from Marseille to Paris later that year in support of the Revolution.

Who are some french composers?

Raymond Gallois-Montbrun (1918-1994) . Denis Gaultier (1603-1672) . Benjamin Godard (1849-1895) . Nicolas Gombert (c. 1495 - c. 1560) born in Flanders . François Joseph Gossec (1734-1829) . Charles Gounod (1818-1893), composer, best known for his opera Faust . Jacques de Gouy (c. 1610 - ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce no in French?

Go to the Related Link below, click on the letter N, scroll down to the word no, and click on the link, and it will pronounce it for you. It's an audio file, you don't have to download anything to hear it.

How do you pronounce 'you' in French?

'you' can be translated either "tu" or "vous". "vous" is the formal or plural form. It is pronounced "voo".. "tu" is a familiar form to address a single person. The 'u' must be pronounced the French way, not as in the English language where it sounds 'you' (hard to explain as the French 'u' sound ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce 'how are you' in French?

How are you ? = Comment vas tu ? To have the pronounciation you have to use a speech demo, for example you can google "Acapela Text to Speech Demo" Then you select the first choise and you select the voice "French - Bruno" to hear the right pronounciation. --Edit-- If you are asking ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce 'do' in french?

Answer: . dow . Answer: . Do, as in to do an action, is the verb "Faire", pronnounced Fay-r. . Do, as in the beginning of a question (i.e. Do you want etc.) is Est-ce que, pronnounced Es-se ku

How do you pronounce a in French?

if you mean the letter "a" in french alphabet : like the "a" in"ah" if you mean the translation of "a" in french : it's "un" butthere's is no equivalent sound in english.

How do pronounce H in french?

You don't! The letter h does not make a sound in French, although it does have some other uses: 1) It can combine with other letters. For example, ch in French makes the same sound as sh in English, and ph makes an f sound. 2) It can serve as a separation between vowels. For example, th ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce burn in hell in french?

Burn in hell! (to one person) -- Brûle en enfer ! -- "brewl ah[n] nah[n]-fair" If speaking to multiple people, say brûlez ("brew-lay") instead of brûle .

How do you pronounce lawyer in french?

The word lawyer in French translates as: Avocat (attorney/solicitor/barrister), notaire (notary public) or huissier de justice (bailiff). Interestingly, it happens to be the same word in French as the green fruit "avocado". Beware of the confusion!

How do you pronounce de in French?

The French d is virtually identical to English except that it is pronounced with the tip of the tongue against the teeth. The French letter e (with no accent) represents the neutral vowel sound that is most natural for a native French speaker to make. Just as in English we say "uh..." when we're ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce danger in french?

Roughly, "dah(n)-zhay", where "ah(n)" is a nasalized version of the "a" in English "father" (the "n" is not actually pronounced), and "zh" is the sound of the "s" in English "pleasure."

How do you pronounce John in French?

The French version of "John" is "Jean," pronounced "zhah(n)." The "zh" is the sound of the 's' in "pleasure" and the "(n)" indicates that the previous vowel is nasalized. The "n" itself is not pronounced.

How is the word 'ailes' pronounced in French?

'ehl' is the way that 'ailes' is pronounced in French. The word, which means 'wings', is a feminine noun in its plural form. Its plural definite article is 'les' ['the'], and its plural indefinite article 'des' ['some']. With the articles, the word is pronounced 'leh-zehl' and 'deh-zehl'.

Pronouncing 'cinema' in French?

It's like in English when we say cinema, but we pronounce the E like an AY. It's spelt cinéma in French, but you say cin AY ma.

How is 'J'adore' pronounced in French?

'Zhah-dohr' is how 'J'adore' is pronounced. The subject pronoun 'je' * means 'I'. The verb 'adore' means '[I] adore, am adoring, do adore'. *The vowel 'e' drops before a verb that begins with a vowel. The temporary nature of that drop is indicated by an apostrophe: 'j ' adore'.

How do you pronounce George in french? -Type this in your search engine and at the website you can hear the pronounciation of George from people in different countries.

How do you pronounce french word in English?

You pronoune French words in English the same way you would in french. If you want to learn how to pronounce certain words, go on Google Translate. Type the word you want to pronounce then click listen. It will say the word for you.

How do you pronounce the french word Jeune?

zhun *The ZH is not pronounced as the Z in English, closer to (jhuhn). The closest consonant sound is the ZS of Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. (see related sound link) An other way of explaining it would be: The French 'j' is pronounced like the English one except that there is no 'd' at t ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce the french word allemand?

The pronunciation is "ah-lay-MAW" -- the ND is silent in native French. But the middle E is also nearly silent, so it becomes "ahl-maw." === The pronunciation is "al-man", where an is in fact a nasalized A (the N is not pronounced). Its pronunciation is like the beginning of "aunt" (not th ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce the french word trente?

"trente" is pronounced pretty much as if were spelled traunt --rhymes with haunt or gaunt. If you have the right stuff on your computer, you can hear it pronounced by going to the related link below.

Is lalo a name?

It is a nick name, actually. Lalo is a diminutive of the names Gerardo or Eduardo.

How can you pronounce you that i am fine in french?

Ca VA bien. say: sah vah bee-en. You could also say Je suis bien. say: juh (the j is pronounced like the j in juice) swee bee-en. In French, all syllables are stressed equally.

How is the name Stormie pronounced in french?

I don't really understand the question.. You want to know how a French person would pronounce the English word Stormie? The main difference probably is that the accent (ie emphasis) would be placed on the second syllable. In English, the word is pronounced exactly as if you said the word Storm (in a ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce the french name Jean ea in English?

In fact you don't pronounce the "ea" you pronounce the "ean"... but I can't find a word in English that sounds like it. In English you always pronounce the "N". When you say a word in "AN" like americAN the emphasis is on the "N" at the end with your tongue touching your teeth. In french when there' ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce the French word bobèche in French?

This is actually an easy pronunciation question to answer. (That's not always the case for french words! lol) This is pronounced bo (long o, as in coke) and besh, (short e as in mesh). bo-besh.

How do you pronounce the name Makayla in French?

Normally, names don't change. Makayla in English would also be Makayla in French. Since the name is pretty soft already, even someone with a French accent should be able to say it properly.