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How do you pull a pulley from a power steering pump on a S10 Chevy?


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There is a special puller made for this. Maybe you could rent one.


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It requires a special PULLER. Some parts stores will rent 1 to you.

pull off the power steering pulley and there are 3 bolts under it and the rest are visible

power steering pump failure ----------------------- If it is a Dodge truck then i see alot of Power steering pump shafts that are broken. To test, then pull on the power steering pump pulley - if it pulls out then you have a broken pump shaft.

The power steering belt has an adjustment pulley. To tighten the belt on a 1994 Acura Vigor loosen the adjustment pulley and pull it up higher than tighten it.

NO you do not. Just loosen all the bolts up on the bracket that holds the power steering pump and then pull the big bracket back enough to get to that corner bolt. It does not have to be moved very far. You must be working on a vortec.

n way around it you have to pull the radiator to get the puller on the pulley

Go to your local auto parts store and get the rental pulley puller. That's what you need.

buy what's called a "power steering pulley puller" you can get this from harbor freight for pretty cheap. this tool pushes against the shaft using a bolt while grabbing the lip on the pulley in order to pull it off. you pretty much need this tool because the pulley is pressed on there very tight.

You have to pull the serp. belt, coil packs, power steering pump pulley, power steering pump mounting bracket, and then you can get the water pump out.

If it's on the power steering pump ? You have to pull down the pump and disassemble it ,remove the pulley and pump cover screws,be careful of the impeller it has small parts that might get lost.If it's on the steering rack you have to pull it down too and you need a loy of tools ans a lot of time.

pull the p/s pulley off of the pump, the rest is easy.

Normally, it is pressed on and tightened with an Allen screw. You undo the Allen screw before you try to pull it off.

I need help on how to remove my powersteering pump? You must first remove the power steering pump pulley. Most part stores have a tool loaner program so you can borrow the puller and and return it and get your money back. After the pulley is removed there are 3 bolts holding the power steering pump to the bracket. Pull those and the long bracket that is on the back of the pump and connects to the exhaust manifold and alternator and the pump should slide out. This information is for a 5.7L engine, but I believe it is close to the same for a 4.3L.

Loosten the p/s mounting bolts and move the pump. There is sometimes a hole in the pulley to gain access to the bolt behind it or you may need to pull the pulley,

pour the power steering fluid directing into where you pull the dipstick out to check the power steering fluid.

You will need a special tool to pull the pulley off the shaft. Some parts stores will lend you the tool, free of charge. Thank you. I had to rent the 'pulley puller', and remove the pulley prior to removing the power steering pump. Then replace the pump on the car and use the pulley tool to press the pulley back on to the pump shaft. There was not much room to work, even with the fan shroud loosened, but eventually I got it off and on. Again, thanks for the help.

To the best of my knowledge on this truck you have to first remove the power steering pump then get a tool called a "power steering pully puller" and make sure you get one with the power steering pully installer with it. Your local auto parts store will have one and a few have ones they will loan you. The parts representative there should be able to instruct you on the proper use of both tools.

If you are just removing the pulley, Then just remove the bolts that hold it on being sure to remove the bolt that is in the middle of the pulley too. Then take a hammer and knock it off.

Lossen the serpentine belt. Then remove the power stering pump pulley. Drain the fluid, at the rack would most likely work better. then pull all of the mounting bolts.

pull the center pad off the wheel and then take the nut off that holds the wheel on and then get a steering wheel puller and hook it up and pull the wheel off the splines.

take the power steering pump out first un hook your high pressure hose and lo pressure to there right behind the pump and just to the left you will see two mounting bolts take them off and then remove belt and pull the pulley and pump out toghter and u have to get what called a pulley puller some parts shop will rent it for like five bucks or something like that then just do everything in reverse that should help u

When you pull up the flag you pull it up by the rope. The rope has a pulley on it. So the actual poll is not a pulley but it has a pulley system on it

The bolt that is behind the power steering pulley can only be removed by removing the power steering pump. you should be able to just pull of the pully with a power steering pully puller I got the pulley off but cannot figure out how to get it back on. Might be screwed. Probably best to remove the power steering pump. Recommend you remove the two mounting bolts for the power steering pump. They are located in the face of the pump and can be accessed using a 13mm or 1/2 deep socket through the access holes in the pulley. This will allow the pump to be moved out of the way to remove the last bolt from the water pump. gt Removing the power steering pump by going through the holes in the pulley was life saving info for me, and 13mm can work but 1/2" was the right deep socket size for me. It's hard to see where the bolts mount to though as they go thru the p/s pump, try and remember where it was so going back together will be easier.

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