How do you put flip videos on your ipod touch?

Well, it's quite simple. Open documents and iTunes (restore down documents). (Also, if you have Flip Share, open it.)

Flip Share Instructions

  • Find the video you would like to export.

  • Click on the link that says : "Export to..."

  • All of the folders you have in your computer should show up. Click on the folder that you want to export the video to.

  • Pull up iTunes and then pull up documents.

  • Find the folder (in documents) that you exported the video to.

  • Click and drag the video to an existing playlist in iTunes.

You have successfully imported / exported a video.

Non - Flip Share Instructions

  • Plug in the camera into the computer and download the videos to your computer.

  • Click on documents (if it isn't already up).

  • Open iTunes.

  • (In documents) Find the video you want to export.

  • Click and drag it to and existing iTunes playlist.

You have successfully imported / exported a video.