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How do you put flip videos on your ipod touch?


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October 25, 2011 6:00PM

Well, it's quite simple. Open documents and iTunes (restore down documents). (Also, if you have Flip Share, open it.)

Flip Share Instructions

  • Find the video you would like to export.

  • Click on the link that says : "Export to..."

  • All of the folders you have in your computer should show up. Click on the folder that you want to export the video to.

  • Pull up iTunes and then pull up documents.

  • Find the folder (in documents) that you exported the video to.

  • Click and drag the video to an existing playlist in iTunes.

You have successfully imported / exported a video.

Non - Flip Share Instructions

  • Plug in the camera into the computer and download the videos to your computer.

  • Click on documents (if it isn't already up).

  • Open iTunes.

  • (In documents) Find the video you want to export.

  • Click and drag it to and existing iTunes playlist.

You have successfully imported / exported a video.