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Year? Just a brief suggestion, it will be difficult to find Freon and if you do, it is expensive. The newer refrigerant, 134a, is much more readily available and far cheaper. In general, connect your charging aparatus (whichever type you have) to the LOW side of the refrigeration system. Two lines lead from the compressor. One goes to the condenser (the radiator looking coil that's in front of the regular radiator) and the other line goes to the receiver/dryer. The line that goes to the receiver/dryer is the low pressure side. There should be a port somewhere near the receiver/dryer, that's where you connect to add refrigerant. You'll need a gauge to know when to stop, and you may need to jumper the low pressure switch that is on the side of the receiver/dryer, otherwise it will take forever to get enough refrigerant to start getting the system to pump.

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Q: How do you put freon in delta 88?
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