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How do you put more action replay cheats on an N5?

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go where you enter the codes and type the code and go to www. and send a email that you put a cheat on and you have to say the cheat you whanit to put on and they will put it on for you.It is relly cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Can you put cheats in if you don't have action replay?


How do you get cheats on your action replay?

you need to get codes and put them in

Can you activate cheats on a Nintendo DS with out an action replay?

No, unless the game has specific cheats built in by the producer of the game, you will need an Action Replay to put cheats in your game.

Do you need action replay to put cheat codes in?

Yes. An Action Replay is the device that activates the cheats.

How do you delete the cheats that you put on to your ds game after using action replay?

when it is saving take it out. but be warned. it will delete all of your cheats for your action replay. trust me i did it.

How do put cheatd on a ds lite from

You have to put the cheats into an Action Replay.

Can you download a gba games in your action replay?

A GBA action replay can have GBA cheats, but you can't put GBA cheats on an Action Replay DS even if you intend to use it on a regular DS with a GBA slot.

What do you do when your action replay wont let you put cheats on when you dont have no cheats even on it?

Get your money back

How do you use cheats in diamond without action replay?

put me in Pokemon

How do you use a action replay on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

it has preinstalled cheats, just put the Pokemon Diamond (or Pearl) cartrage in the action replay and put the action reply in the DS and turn the power on and then turn on the cheats and start the game

How do you put in action replay codes in on Pokemon diamond?

I only know how to put cheats with the new action replay first you go to thecode list menu on the game you want to the cheats on then select the cheats that you wanna put the cheats on then take out your action replay and put in the game then on the bottom screen there should be a red button that says start tap that button then u could play the game with the cheats that you selected. but they dont work on TTDS and R4DS

How do you put in a action replay CD?

Put it in the Games console and wait for it to load. Then ,usually, remove the action replay disk and put your game disk in. It will then load the cheats for that game.

Where do you put the cheats for harvest moon Ds cute?

There is no where you can "Put" cheats. If there involves numbers, you'll need an Action Replay card.

How do you put cheats on Pokemon emerald?

You need a cheating device such as a action replay.

How do you put cheats on a Pokemon soul silver game?

You use the action replay.

How can you get cheats?

you can buy a action replay for your ds at gamestop then search for codes to put on it

How do you put codes into the action replay for the Nintendo DS?

you have to go to then connect the cable that the action replay comes with and also put the little disc on to your computer and 4 dots will appear which stand for action replay then you go to the cheats that you want and you can copy and paste them on to your action repaly code manager and you will have the cheats. your welcome

How do you download cheats into the action replay?

you need an action replay CD witch you put in your computer and than you can make a custom cheat list

What is action replay for Nintendo DSi?

an action replay is a cartridge that you can put in your DSI/DS and insert your game that you would like to download cheats into

Pokemon dp how does action replay work thank you?

insert action replay turn your ds on then the action replay screen will appear then take action replay out and put your game in.DO NOT press start press the green star then your cheats will appear then activate all the cheats you want then press start

How do you get your new action replay ultimate cheats for Pokemon platinum working?

you put your action replay disk into your hard-drive then install it hook the action replay cord into computer and then into action replay then it should work i'vedone it myself.

How do you put in cheats in Pokemon HeartGold?

Dude, to put cheats in ANY game for DS you need an action replay. Everyone knows that!You have to buy them.

If there are cheats on fossil fighters how do you put them in?

yes there are cheats on fossil fighters, and you put them in via the action replay (and no, i dont know any codes)

What cheats are already on the action replay when you buy it?

None. You have to put them in through your computer yourself.

Where do you put the cheats for soul silver?

u have to enter the cheat codes in an action replay.