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How do you put the alternator belt back on a 97 maxima after replacing alternator?


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Once the alternator is bolted in and hanging on its curved barcket, you slip the belt over the pulleys and pull back on the alternator until it's just snug. Then you find the tensioner bolt/screw for the idler pulley at the end of the bracket. Tighten this bolt until the belt has about 1/8" give at the midway point between pulleys. I think all you need is a 14mm and a 12mm socket with a short extension to do all of it.


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Relax belt by holding automatic belt tensioner with large socket and/or breaker bar

The alternator on a 92 Nissan Maxima is changed by disconnecting the wiring harness, loosening the retaining bolts, and removing the drive belt. The bolts can then be fully removed and the alternator swapped out.

usually the squealing is from the alternator or the alternator belt in most cases it is the belt try to tighten it or replacing

It has a timing chain which if different--it does not need replacing at 100K like a belt!

ther is a tesionor pulley that releives pressure to the belt. it should take a 5/8 wrench

Release tension at automatic tensioner use a breaker bar and socket

Maybe that alternator is bad or your belt could be lose cheak the puge is it the same alternator how your bat This shows pics for replacing an alternator but requires removing the serpentine belt. This shows pics for replacing an alternator but requires removing the serpentine belt.

If it is a serpentine belt, the tension is automatically adjusted by the tension idler. If the belt is loose then the tensioner needs replacing. If it is a normal drive belt, then the alternator is mounted on a slotted bracket that allows you to adjust the position of the alternator. You can loosen the bolts and adjust the tension on the belt.

Look at accessory drive belt alternator is driven by this belt

Its on the passenger side of the car. It comes out of the bottom. There is a small splash guard covering it. The A/C belt has to come off before the alternator belt. Have fun! Have you tried opening the hood?????????

If it is a newer corsa (built in the last 12 years or so) if guessing you mean the alternator belt because it doesn't actually have a fan belt as the fan is driven by a electric motor. To tighten the alternator belt is very easy...Just loosen the two or three bolts holding it on (do not take them right out) pull the alternator so that the belt tightens and then tighten the bolts back up. You may need someone to hold the alternator and belt tight whilst you tighten the bolts back up. If the belt still continues to squeal after you have tightened it a couple of times it means the belt needs replacing.

if your looking at you engine from the front view it goes your power steering belt followed by your alternator belt then at the back bottom is you a/c belt

Suggest replacing all the belts also. 1st belt, remove coolant res. loosen the pulley next to the res. then there is a tension bolt behind it. get under the car, the alternator is right there on the passenger side. possible under a small shield. loosen all the bolts on the alternator, then there is a tentioner on the alternator. loosen that, remove belt, then take out the rest of the bolts, along with the plug and the ground wire to the alternator. for the P/S belt, loosen the other pulley 14mm, and then the tention bolt is another 12mm.

You can find the alternator on the front, right hand side, of your engine. Remove the cables from the alternator. Remove the belt. Remove the retaining nuts. Reverse the process to install the new alternator.

Start replacing the 2000 s10 alternator by disconnecting the battery. Remove the air inlet hose, and the serpentine belt. Take off the bracket over the alternator if it has one. Unbolt the alternator and disconnect the wires. Reverse the procedure to install the new alternator.

get a wrench that fits the tensioner and pull it back until the belt has enough slack to go on the alternator

Disconnect the Regal battery. Remove the alternator belt. Disconnect the alternators wiring, then unbolt and remove the alternator. Reverse the procedures for installation.

You should only have to take out 2 bolts and take off a belt. When replacing an alternator you usually want to replace the belt to.

To install the alternator on a 1996 Nissan Maxima you will have to remove the drive belt first and then the A/C compressor. Do not remove the refrigerant lines because the compressor will only have move down about a few inches for you to get enough room to remove the alternator. The alternator will need to be taken out from the bottom.

You will need to bolt the alternator into your 2001 VW Jetta engine. Connect the wiring harness to the back of the alternator. Put the serpentine belt on to the alternator. Tighten the belt.

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