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The best way to add salt to the water is to split the bag open and pour the salt onto the steps. This way the ink on the bag will not stain the pool and by putting the salt on the steps your Kreepy Krawly or other automated pool cleaner will not suck the salt up.

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Q: How do you put the salt into the water?
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What happens when you put salt in water?

If you put salt into water then the water will boil a little faster, but not much.

What the reactant is and what the products are when you put a salt in water?

When you put salt in water, it is a physical change/reaction. The reactants are the salt and water, and the product is saltwater.

Can you put dry ice in salt water?

Yes, you can put dry ice in salt water. It will bubble furiously and cool down the salt water.

Why do you put salt in with boiling water and vegetables?

It is commonplace to put salt in water when boiling most foods. The reason why you put salt in with boiling water and vegetables is to help them retain moisture.

What happen to bromine when you put it in water?

Bromine is salt mixed with water so when you put it in water its just more water with salt in :)

How does salt evaporate?

Salt wouldn't evaporate, even if you put it in water. If you put salt in water, you could get it out by setting the cup of salt water and waiting until it evaporated. The salt would still be there.

Instructions on making salt water?

put salt in the water

Could salt water put out fire?

Yes, fires at sea are put out using salt water.

How would you separate salt from water keeping the salt?

You can't once you put salt into water salt dissolves in the water and you cannot separate the salt.

How can salt water affect fresh water animals?

if a fresh water animal is put in a salt water environment it will die from dehydration. If a salt water animal is put into a fresh water environment the animal will absorb to much water and explode.

What would happen if you took a gummy bear that was soaked in distilled water and put it in salt water over night?

it gets smaller when you put the salt in because the salt absorbs the gummy bears water

Separating sand water and salt?

through salt in water and mix then put to boil the water evaporate and salt remain

In a salt water tank do you put water or sand first?

If you are premixing the salt in a large container outside the tank, then put the sand in first. If you are going to mix the water and salt in the tank, then put the water in and mix it first, and then when its mixed put in the (rinsed!) sand. It will fog up, but that will go away.

How would you separate water and salt?

to separate salt and water you can put it out side and let the water evaporate or to speed things up you can put it on the stove.

What is a formula for salt water evaporation?

Put salt water in a cooking pot and heat until the water evaporates. You are left with salt.

Salt in water?

Salt in water make the water salty like salt water. Not ocean water but salt water. If you give it time, the salt will dissolve in the water and will become a solution. Like contact lens. DO NOT PUT THE SALT WATER IN EYEBALLS. It will sting your ball of the eye. You might not even see properly....If you poor the salt in water onto a sheet of colored paper and let it dry, you would see some salt flakes. That depends on how much salt you put in.

When you put salt water into tap water which one sinks?

Salt water as it is more dense than water.

How do you separate salt and water after the salt is dissolved?

You get two cups then you put your hand on the cup that has the water and the salt and pour it and there it is

How To Make Salt Water?

get water then put salt in it don't forget the cup>: [

How would you take care of a salt water fish at home?

put it in salt water

How can you separate copper and salt?

put the mixture into a glass of water, then take the copper out as the salt will have dissolved in the water.

How do you dissolve salt?

Put salt in water and stir; salt is very soluble.

What happens to salt when it is put into cold water and stirred?

The cold water becomes salt water. The salt doesn't dissolve like sugar.

What kind of salt do you put in a salt water pool?

Swimming pool salt not rock salt, sea salt, water softener salt. k

How do you save a snail from salt?

immediately put it into water