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How do you put transmission oil into a 2002 Jetta?

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where do you put transmission oil in a standard car?

2.3L of gear oil, Motul Gear 300 or Redline MT-90 or similar, 3 quarts

where do you put transmission oil in on a 2003 ford rangers standard

Were is the plug to put transmission oil for 1999 a6 audi?

You put the Transmission Fluid in the Transmission (fill point transmission drip stick tube) and the Oil (fill point Oil Cap) in the Engine.Hope This Helps.

No, No absolutely not. Automatic transmission fluid is not the same thing as gearbox oil.

did ya put transmission fluid in the crankcase? that's all i can think of

you refill the transmission through the dipstick tube.

you dont put oil in the transmission, loser!

The transmission oil goes in thru the dipstick tube.

OEM fluid is Pentosin Vw Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF1 and that is what I recommend you use.

It is important to know how much fluid to put into a cars engine. For a 1997 Jetta Vr6 needs about 5.3 quarts of engine oil.

You should drain the oil in the engine. Put engine oil back in the engine because the transmission oil is not made for engines and will hurt the moving parts of the engine if left in.

how many gallons of oil can i put in an automatic transmission for the Toyota t100 3vz 1993

For automatic transmission: remove transmission dipstick, put fluid in dipstick tube with funnel. be careful not to overfill.

You can use gear oil. Transmission oil can be to thin, and leak out of the gaskets, Ive had this happen a coupple times. I use Amsoil synthetic chain case oil.

How to put transmission oil in a chevrlet optra transmission 2005

Which oil? Engine, transmission, power steering oil?

you dont put transmission fluid in a manual transmission. you need gear oil, and it should be done by a transmission shop

Where is the radiator to put fluid for 2001 jetta?

Remove the clutch cover or the primary chain inspection cover and add the transmission oil there.

Yes. Google search "automatic transmission 2002 kis sportage".

as long as it is an automatic transmission, you put ATF in

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