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How do you put your car loan in someone else's name?

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โˆ™ 2006-07-27 15:18:36

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You just can't place your loan in someone else's name. That other person has to get his/her own loan for the car and pay off your loan.

2006-07-27 15:18:36
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Q: How do you put your car loan in someone else's name?
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Can you register your car in someone elses name if its under a loan?


If your car is repo and it's in some one else name Is there any way you can get that out that person name so it will not show on there credit because you couldn't pay for it?

Is the loan or the registration in someone elses name??If loan is someone elses name their credit takes the hit there is nothing you can do.If the registration is in someone elses name then they are fine.Hope this helps.

If the title to a car is in your name but the name for the car loan is in someone elses name who has legal ownership?

If only your name is on the title and the loan is not listed as a lien on that title then you are the legal owner. If someone else obtained a car loan for you then their name should be on the title to the car with yours. The question of ownership should be addressed if someone was kind enough to borrow money for you to have a car. The car should have full insurance coverage in case of an accident.

How much is it to change your car title into someone elses name in san antonio?

how much is it to change car titile name

If you buy the car can it be registered in someone elses name?

No. Whoever's name is on the title is going to be on the registration and insurance also. You can pay for the car and title it in somebody elses name, but at that point you've given them a free car, because you have no legal rights to the vehicle at all.

Can you buy a car and put the title in someone elses name?

NO!!! I think that's illegal unless you have that person with you.

Can get your car out of the pound with your friends traders insurance?

No, the insurance has to be on your car not someone elses.

Can a dealership but a car under someone elses name if they are not present?

In most areas someone (purchaser/seller) has to sign the ownership to complete the sale

Can I use someone elses address for car insurance?

That is fraud!

If a car is stolen and you have insurance but the vehicle is in someone elses name will it be covered?

Theft is not the same as accidents. If you drive a car, whether it is in your name or someone else's name, and you have an accident, then your own insurance is applicable, but if someone else's car is stolen, that doesn't seem to involve you. Presumably you were not in the car when it was stolen, right? What involvement do you have?

You bought a car from someone but never registered it and you want to sell it to someone else. Can they still get it registered?

Do you have the title of the car in your name? Is there a loan on the car? You will have to register it if your name is on the title!

If you have cosigned for your mom how can you get your name off of the car?

I assume you mean how do you get your name off the car LOAN! The only ways to do that would be to either pay off the loan or have your mom refinance it under just her name (or get someone else to cosign THAT loan)

If you do not have car insurance can you drive someone elses car?

yes you can but if you wreck and they have insurance their car will be ok but your screwed

How do you get out of a used car loan?

To get out of a used car loan, pay off the loan or find someone else who will do that.

How can I take my name off a straw purchase on a car loan?

If you co-signed a car loan you can't take your name off the loan. If you co-sign for someone with no credit or poor credit you are promising to pay off the loan if they don't. The only way to get your name off the loan is to pay it off or have the borrower refinance the loan in their own name.

If you moved to another country but still have a car loan can you refinance that loan in someone else's name?

The "someone else" needs to apply for a loan to pay off your car loan. With your loan paid off, you can sign the title over showing it free & clear. Don't sign off on the title until you know the loan is paid--or you could find that you no longer own the car but still have a loan to pay.

Is there any way to get your name off of a loan if you cosigned for a car loan while you were married and then you got divorced?

The loan has to be "secured" by someone with good credit. Call the lender for their loan qualifications.

How can you obtain ownership of an abandoned car if you have the title it's just in someone elses name?

== == You need to contact the DMV in your state for the correct way to do this.

Is it possible for someone to finance a car in their name then once approved sign the bank loan over to you?


Can you get a auto loan but put the car in someone else name?

You can cosign but both names will be on title.

Can someone else insure a car if the loan is in your name?

Depending on the state you must at least cosign.

Can you take out a car loan and add someone to registration For example you do not have the best credit so your fiance gets a car loan Can he then add your name to the registration?

Yes, in most states.

If you get a loan in your name can the car be titled in another name?

No. I recently took a car loan for my son because his credit is bad. The loan is in my name, the title is in his name only. He is listed on the loan as the 'holder of colateral'.

A car is in your name but someone else has the car and was making pymts but since she stopped paying can you take the car back?

IF her name is NOT on the TITLE or loan, it is YOUR car and you can take possession of your car. Be SURE she doesnt have a contract with you.

How can you find out if someone elses car has been reposed that you have a interest in but not a legal interest?