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Send a picture message to your email.

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If you have an internet/data plan, you can send the pictures to your email.

If you have wifi, you can connect to the internet. Or you must use real money to buy a picture on your phone

You can connect your computer to your phone via cable and download the pictures, or you can email yourself the pictures and get them from your email account.

Usually your phone comes with a cord that hooks up to the computer, but if you do not have that cord you can't do this. However, if your phone has internet you can log on to Facebook/Bebo/Myspace etc and upload pictures onto there and then go onto a computer and take the picture and upload them onto your computer.

if your phone has email built in you can send it from there

Send them to your email then save it to your computer

Depends on how the phone is being used. If you are using the phone to get internet from (tethering) it would be an input device. However, if you are putting pictures or music on the phone it would be an output device.

Cord from your cell phone to the USB port of your computer (and follow you cell phone instruction manual for details).

to do this you have to hook up your phone to the computer then print it off

If you cruise the web via your cell phone, yes they can. If you use your cell phone for calling other people, and confine your internet activity to your laptop or desktop computer, no they can't. Unless your online computer service is also from the same provider as your cell phone service.

The difference between communicatimg when using the cell phone and the Internet is for the cell phone you don't have to refresh it and the Internet you do. Also for the Internet you don't have just text you can use the computer cam and see them as well but the cell phone you can not.

It depends on your cell phone. Some phones have an internet tethering option when connected to your computer via Bluetooth or USB.

Yes, you can use recovery software and a computer to do this.

Yes, you can print all of them out. You can do so by connecting your phone to the computer.

It depends on your phone. It has to either a USB port, SD card, or internet capable. Using the USB port, your phone has to be Data Link capable. If it is then simply connect your computer to your phone via usb cord and you can find your phone in your mycomputer folder on your computer. Using a SD card simply put it in your computer and find it in mycomputer. Using internet, upload the files to a server or website then get on your computer and download them from that server or website.

Use a USB cord, internet (email, flickr, etc), Micro SD chip.

You can use the USB data cable for RAZR V3t and copy pictures to the phone memory.

A cell phone. In today's world, the cell phone can do most of the things a computer can do. especialy considering that allot of the phone have internet on them, they are able to do the same things as a computer can.

Try sending the picture in an email and then opening the email on a computer and save the picture there.

Some carriers for a cell phone might want a person to use their resources to download pictures from the phone to the internet. This might require that the user have an online account with the carrier. If the LG PM-225 camera phone is connected to the computer with a data or USB cord, the phone should prompt the user to follow the instructions on the screen of the computer.

Use either Blue-tooth (if the phone AND computer are blue-tooth enabled) or a USB cable.

How do you get free internet on your phone

There are three 4 possible ways to transfer pictures from your cell phone to a PC: 1) Connect your cell phone to your PC via bluetooth link, but for that your PC must have bluetooth. 2) Connect you cell via infrared with your PC, but for that too you should have infrared device in your PC 3) If you don't have to get bluetooth and infrared installed in your PC, connect you cell phone via data cable, which comes with the handset, and plug it into your PC via USB port, and then scan your cell phone from computer and copy pictures. 4) If your pictures are present in the memory card of your cell phone, take out your memory card and plug it into your PC.

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