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If you are overweight, losing the excess body weight can help reduce your breast size as well. However, this isn't a fast method - it will take weeks or months of weight loss before you see a significant shift in your breast size.

Also, some women naturally have larger breasts relative to their frame size. If this is true for you, nothing short of breast reduction surgery is going to change that.

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Q: How do you quickly reduce breast size without surgery?
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How to reduce breast?

To reduce the size or shape of your breasts, or enlarge it, you need surgery.

How do you reduce breast cup size?

By breast reduction via surgery.

How can one have a breast reduction without surgery?

There are two ways that have shown to reduce breast size without having surgery. If you want to decrease the size of your breasts, you can try losing weight. Typically, the first place you lose weight from is your breasts. It has also been found that breast size can decrease from breastfeeding.

Is a breast augmentation performed to reduce breast size?

Breast augmentation is for enlarging a breast size, but there is a surgery for breast reduction. Each surgery does a different shaping to the breast. One makes it larger and the other makes it smaller.

How can you reduce huge breast?

breast reduction surgery or i think working out, like pec area

How do they reduce big breasts?

Through breast reduction surgery.

I am 15 years old I live in Australia and I am a 10DD I hate my breast so much how can I make them smaller without surgery please help me?

I'm really sorry, I doubt there's a way to reduce size without surgery (unless there are exercises?!) .

How do you reduce chest size?

It is possible to obtain breast reduction surgery.

Can I reduce my breast size without surgery?

There is no exercise that will reduce only your breast size, but you should be happy that you are blessed with what you have. If you exercise and eat proper foods, you will lose fat all over your body and your breast will become smaller also. if you do workouts for your chest and upper back you will loose weight in that particular spot.

Can you shrink your breasts?

Weight loss will reduce breast size as will breast reduction surgery.maybe maybe not

Can l reduce my big breasts by surgery?

Yes, you can reduce. Breast reduction and reduction mammaplasty is the plastic surgery procedure for reducing the big breasts. In a breast reduction surgery for reestablishing a functional bust that is proportionate to the woman's body. The effects are three-fold - physical, aesthetic, and psychological.

Is it possible to reduce the width of your nose without plastic surgery?

You may be able to reduce how wide your nose appears with make-up. But you cannot reduce the physical width of it without surgery.

How can you reduce the size of your lips without surgery?

You cant. You will need surgery.

Why do beart grow large?

Heredity and fat will do it. Large breasts can be a load on the back, and cause pain there. There is a breast-reduction surgery that can reduce breast size.

Are you supposed to massage the breasts after breast implant surgery?

Massaging the breasts after breast implant surgery is highly recommended as it may reduce the chances of capsular contraction occurring, especially in cases where the implants have been positioned over the muscle.

Do breasts have the ability to grow or increase in size after breast reduction surgery?

Yes, after a breast reduction operation the breasts certainly retain their ability to increase in size. In fact there are women who have experienced exactly this, without wanting any size increase, and as a result have had another breast reduction operation in order to reduce their size a second time.

Have any product to reduce breasts?

There is something called a breast reduction surgery for women who have shoulder or back pain from the weight of larger breasts. Working out reduces breast size naturally because breasts are fatty tissue. There are not products that reduce them.

Your breast are large and want to reduce them with exercises?

Breasts are mostly fatty tissue, so dieting and general weight loss tends to reduce breast size some. Apart from that there are no particular exercises that will target breast reduction. If they're large to the point of back trouble you might be able to get breast reduction surgery on your health insurance.

How can you get rid of cellulite quickly?

There are some creams that might help reduce cellulite. Surgery is another option.

How can you reduce ear size without surgery?

take a scissors and start to trim

How do you reduce the breast size and make it into original shape?

Size - surgery or weight loss Shape will change with weight loss, but to regain a youthful look you'd need surgery.

iam a boy my breast size is 42cms.i want to reduce it.?

I would suggest contacting a plastic surgeon and having a consultation with him before going through with a surgery. The doctor may also make other suggestions including exercises or changes in diet to reduce breast size.

How do you reduce swelling after breast reduction?

There are some trick that your plastic surgeon can use during the surgery to limit swelling such as limiting the amount of cautery and the use of Sinnech. After surgery, your only real option is time.

What is the fastest way to lose weight from you breast?

plastic surgery. there is NO way to "spot-reduce" fat through diet and/or exercise. if you lose weight, you lose it all over.

How to reduce the size of nipples?

Plastic surgery Have surgery to reduce the size.