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I assume that you are talking about the engine side of the cable... I don't know if it's the same as on a '91 civic, but if the car is on the ground you are going to need an assistant to slowly roll the car backwards while you try to get the end of the cable back into the gromet. Just keep the pace real slow and keep pressing on it, you'll feel it when it snaps in.

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Q: How do you re-install a speedometer cable to a Civic DX Honda 1990?
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Where is the speedometer cable in a 98 Honda civic?

There is no cable.... Its electronic.

How do you fix the speedometer cable on a 1998 Honda Civic EX?

A 98 Civic does not have a speedometer cable. It is an electronic speedometer. So if you are having problems with it not working the most likely culprit is the vehicle speed sensor (VSS).

How do you replace a speedometer cable in a 1996 Honda civic?

There is not speedometer cable on a 1996 Honda Civic. There is a throttle cable. Top replace this unhook it from the throttle body and gas pedal. Hook on the new cable to snake it through the firewall. Properly hook the throttle cable to the gas pedal and throttle body.

Where is my speedometer cable is on my 2000 Honda Civic LX?"

Speedometer Cable Replacement for 1998 Honda Civic?

To replace the speedometer cable for the 1998 Honda Civic, first purchase the cable for about 7 to about 11 dollars. Then, remove the negative battery cable on the vehicle and open the instrument panel. Remove the three terminal connector from the speed sensor and replace it with the new one.

1992 Honda civic speedometer erratic what could the problem be?

If a 1992 Honda Civic's speedometer is erratic, the problem could be the speedometer cable. It could also be the speedometer sensor malfunctioning. Check both components carefully.

How do you disconnect the cable on the speedometer on 93 Honda accord?

I believe there is no cable to the center and speedometer

Where is the speedometer cable located on a 1992 Honda Civic?

it should be at the back of the gear box but most of them are electric its all down to what model

How do you adjust the kickdown cable on a Honda Civic 1990?

How do you adjust the kickdown cable on a Honda Civic 2000 ex

Where does the speedometer cable hook to on a Honda Accord?

The speedometer cable hooks up to the engine in a Honda Accord. This is how the vehicle is able to calculate speed.

How do you fix a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback speedometer?

try pulling out the dash. there should be a cable of some sort back there. spray some WD40 on it.

What causes the speedometer to have erratic behavior on a 1994 Honda civic?

Bad speedo cable, Try some light oild like WD40 and if the problems goes away than replace the cable

Where does the speedometer cable hook up to in the transmission on a Honda civic?

It hooks up to the transfer case.AnswerIt hooks up to the transfer case. What Year is your Civic?If its a 91-95 Its easy to locate the Cable. If its a 96-2010 It Has a VSS. I Suggest you bring it to a pro.

What could be the problem on a 1993 Honda Civic VX If the speedometer odometer intermittently works and you have replaced the speed sensor on the transmission?

The cable that controls the speedometer needs to be replaced more than likely. That is what had to be done to a Dodge Stealth's speedometer to work properly. ==New Answer == Actually - there is no speedometer/odometer cable on a 1993 Honda. The system is all-electrical. So it has to be either a bad wiring harness/plug connector, OR a bad speedometer head (unlikely).

Why is my speedometer still not working in my Honda after replacing the gaugesfusesand speedometer sensor?

could be the speedo cable?

What can be the reason for a Honda Accord speedometer working sporadically?

Loose or failing speedometer cable Speedometer head needs repair

Where is the shift cable on a Honda civic dx sedan 1992?

Shift cable? or bar.

Which cable should I connect first on a new battery in a Honda civic?

the first cable - after +

How do replace speedometer in a 1969 roadrunner?

unbolt it from the tranny and unscrew it from the back of the speedometer head in the dash and pull the whole cable out and visa versa to reinstall.

Speedometer broke 94 Honda Accord?

possible cable Remove from transmission and check if in one piece - if not remove speedometer head and replace cable to transmission and head

Can you show you picture of where the speedometer cable is at on a 1993 Honda Civic Dx hatchback?

there is no cable its a speed sensor and is located on the back side of the tranmission u can see it and get to it by removing the rubber intake tube running from the breather bax to the intake manifold

How do you replace speedometer cable on a 1978 olds cutlass supreem?

take it off the tranny and take it off the back of the speedometer and pull it out and just reverse the process to reinstall it.

On a 1982 Honda goldwing where is the speedometer cable located?

Look at the left side of the front axle. There should be a cable running there between the lower leg of the fork and the hub of the wheel. That's the speedometer cable. The other end should be connected to the back of the speedometer.

Why would a speed dometer go out on 1994 Honda civci dx?

A speedometer might go out in the 1994 Honda Civic DX because of a faulty cable or fuse. It might also go out because of an electrical issue like exposed wiring.

How do you adjust clutch on 1989 Honda Civic?

Where the cable hooks on to the transmission there should be a little screw what adjusts the cable.