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You need to state the radio make and model number as there are some variations.If you look two pages back in the "popularity 7"area,there is a set of instructions I posted for a Philips "car 400".This was a very common radio/cassette player in vauxhalls and may do the job for you.If not,post again with the details and someone will have the info.

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How do you reset the car radio for a Vauxhall car after disconnecting the battery?

go to your nearest Vauxhall company and get a code they'll give you to type into the radio bit. most places can do this for free.

How do you reset airbag light on Vauxhall zafira?

'Engine Airbag Code Reset Tool Vauxhall Meriva Zafira

How can you reset the odometer to mileage from trip?

Where is trip odometer reset button on vauxhall insignia

Fuel cutoff switch 2002 cavelier?

General Motors products do not use inertia/reset switches

How do reset a Honda Odyssey after battery replacement?

There is nothing to reset except the radio. Insert the 5 digit radio code to reset the radio and then reset the clock and presets for stations.

How do you reset immobilizer on vauxhall vectra?

you will need this... VAUX-COM PC based tool for Vauxhall to recode the immobilizer

How do you reset service light on 2009 Vauxhall insignia?

You don't!

How do you rest airbag light on vauxhall astra?

Initially,remove the battery earth lead for a minute,have your radio code ready to reset the radio.If this doesn't work you may need a garage to reset with a diagnostic computer,or confirm a faulty sensor.

How do you reset clock radio Chevy hhr?

How do you reset clock radio in Chevy HHR

How do you reset your radio in your 1995 Buick lesabre?

1995 Buick LeSabre how do i reset my radio

Where is the radio reset button on 2002 Chrysler sebring?

The factory radio does not have a reset button.

How do you reset the radio security of a Toyota 37409?

how to reset the radio security on a toyota 37409

How do you reset radio code for a 1993 190 Mercedes?


How do you reset the radio for a 1996 Hyundai accent?

Mine was reset when the radio says "code" by entering 2456 on radio channels

How do you reset service warning light on 1998 vauxhall astra?

hold milage reset button in and switch on ignition.hold for about 5 seconds and it will reset.

How do you reset the radio on a 2005 dodge neon?

there is a reset button on the radio ! omggg. that was SOO HARDDD !

How do you reset the service indicator on a 07 combo van?

how do you reset the service indicator on a 07 vauxhall combo van

How do you reset ecu on a Vauxhall zafira?

Disconnect the battery for 10 minutes.

How do you get and reset radio codes for 1994 Hyundai elantra?

How do you get and reset radio codes for 1994 hyundai elantra?

How do i Reset my radio code to my ml500?

Howdo i reset my radio security code ml 500 2002

How do you reset code 82 service inspection light on vauxhall meriva 2010?

Just press the trip reset button

How do you reset the radio on a 1987 BMW 325is?

To reset the radio on your 1987 BMW 3225is hold down the on/off button. Once the radio blinks twice you can choose the first radio station that you want set. Follow this on the rest of the buttons and your radio will be fully reset.

How do you reset the radio on a 2000 Chrysler?

Press the reset button

How do you reset your standard Peugeot 106 radio Mine is stuck on one band and won't change?

Well remove the radio and there is a master reset on the radio. But if you just remove the positive terminal from the battery it should reset it. And you don't have to remove the radio to do that

How do you reset radio in 2004 envoy?

Disconnect battery for about 5 minutes. Then connect it back. Should reset radio.