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How do you read the ratings on tires?

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Do truck tires carry different speed ratings than car tires?

According to the world wide web light truck tires are not required by the Department of Transportation to have speed ratings. From this, I gather that there are not speed ratings yet but probably will be in the future.

Does changing tires to snow tires increase odometer speed?

If the snow tires have a bigger diameter than the others, the odo and the speedo will read a bit low. If the snow tires have a smaller diameter the odo and speedo will read a bit high.

Where can I read reviews for Eagle GT tires?

You can read reviews for the new Goodyear Eagle GT tires at Here's a link to a review of said tires-

Can you replace Goodyear wrangler tires with Cooper tires?

Yes. Brand has nothing to do with it. Only size and ratings

Are Falken tires a good brand to put on my vehicle?

Falken tires have ratings of four and five and consider one of the highest quality brands for tires.

Is there a website where I can check safety ratings of SUV tires?

These two sites offer consumer ratings, production information and safety statistics: AND

Why does my Speedometer read faster than I am driving?

The size of tires can effect that accuracy of a speedometer. Larger tires will cause the speedometer to read less than you are actually going.

How to choose tires for my dodge caliber based on available tire ratings from the dealer?

Firstly the most important information to choose your tires on would be the information related to the tire's fittings and size as it is imperative that they are correct for your Dodge Caliber to prevent damage to the car. It is also important to take into account the ratings available in relation to the durability of the tires. Lastly ratings on how the tires handle and look will be important for your personal preference.

What is the correct psi for tires on a 2002 Chevy Avalanche?

Read the side of the tires and it will tell you. It's written on the side of the tire.

In what country are dunlap tires made?

Dunlop tires are made in a number of countries. Read the DOT code then look here

What should a person look for when buying tires?

A person should look out for the following when purchasing tires: All season tires, low profile tires, read the tire specifications to make sure they match your needs.

Where can I read more about track tires?

You can find out some information on Tirerack is such a good resources, I used it last year when I was looking for tires.

What is the correct tire pressure for harley police tires?

read the manual!

Where can I buy tires online?

Find tires, wheels and more at Tire Rack: large inventory of discount tires and wheels, plus tire reviews and ratings, custom wheels, brakes, chrome wheels, suv

Have 98 I30t with continental 215X55R16 tires Can tire size be increased to improve road noise and ride If so what size is best and what brand do you suggest?

Tire size has no bearing on road noise. Some tires are just naturally noisy. I suggest you go to and compare tires with emphasis on a quiet ride. Read the reviews of the tires in your price range. Look at Tire Rack's ratings. Excellent site with the information you need to make an informed decision.

What is the speed difference from size 75 tires to size 60 tires?

If you had 235 / 75 / 15 tires and switched to 235 / 60 / 15 tires : When your speedometer read 60 MPH you would actually be travelling at 54.2 MPH ( if that's what you are asking ? )

Where can one read reviews on Douglas Tires?

Douglas Tires are reviewed and rated by publications and websites such as Auto Guide, Car and Driver, Consumer Reports, 1010 Tires, Tire Rack, and Tire Review.

What type of tractor tires for sale offer the best longevity?

The best tractor tires for sale that offer the best longevity are those that are filled with nitrogen. Kubota tires are one brand that have great ratings for longevity and are manufactured for tractors.

How do I know my car's tire ratings?

You can find your tires' speed rating and load index listed on the sides of the tires. From there, you can use this guide to understand what those numbers mean:

Whats the tire pressure supposed to be for a 2005 jeep wrangler with 225 x 75 x R15 tires?

read the side of youre tires dude

How do you read tire manufacture dates?

my new uniroyal tires have alphabetic mfr date

What is right pressure good for tire?

read it off the tire (it's printed on the side). Some tires are higher pressure tires. The proper pressure for you vehicle's tires will be listed on the label on the driver side door jamb.

What tire pressure should be for a 2003 buick lesabre custom 215 70 r15 tires?

Tires are rated for different pressures. Look on the tire at its min and max pressure ratings and make sure your in the middle. It is written on the sidewall of the tires.

What size tires does a 1998 Honda Passport use?

Look at the tires that are on it and read the numbers. Seriously. If all else fails, a 245/70/16 should work.

Can 175 65 R14 tires be replaced with 195 60 R14 tires?

Yes, this is an acceptable swap. Know that your speedometer will read 59.3 at a true 60 mph.