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A 1998 uses OBD-II - you will need to use a newer scanner.


You can purchase a code scanner from any of the DIY auto parts stores. They include the instruction book and a list of codes.

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Q: How do you read the trouble codes on a 1998 Saturn SL1?
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How do i read engine codes on my 1998 Saturn sl1?

autozone will do it for you for free.

Reading trouble codes 1998 Subaru Forester?

Try your local auto part store. The ones near me will read the codes for free. --Ken

How do you read the trouble codes on a 1998 Saturn SL2?

You have a couple of options. You can buy a code reader from any of the big box parts houses and read the code, or you can take the car to the parts house and have them read it for you. As infrequently as most cars throw a code, I'd just have the parts house read it for me. They generally don't charge for this service.

How do you reset the 'service engine soon' light on a 1998 Windstar?

The best thing to do if to have a code reader hooked up and read the trouble codes the reader can also clear the codes once you have read them. If the problems aren't fixed the light will come back.

How do you read trouble codes 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

With your key in the ignition switch and in the off position, switch key to on (not to start), then back to off, then on, off again, then on a third time. If you have trouble codes they will read on your odometer display. For example: P0303, etc. When it is done displaying codes or if there are no codes, it will read P done.

How do you read transmission trouble codes?

You need a engine scanner and then go into transmission trouble codes. Write them down,get a book, look them up, and read. Most scanners will tell you whats going on.

What do you have to do to read trouble codes on a 1992vw golf?

Diagnostic equipment is needed to read codes on a 92 Golf. DLC is located in dashboard beneath heater controls.

Why can t you get trouble codes when check engine light on a 01 civic?

If you can not read codes with a scanner you have a wiring problem.

How do you get trouble codes from a 99 jeep Cherokee sport?

You need a scan tool to read codes. ....

Will disconnecting the battery clear trouble codes for a 1998 Saturn sl2 or must I purchase a code reader?

disconnecting the battery will not clear the code this car has an obd2 system in it so the only way to clear it is to use a code reader if you go to a auto zone they will read them for free and usally have one you can buy clear the code and return so that you dont need to buy it

How do you read codes on a 1998 dodge neon?

With a scan tool.

How do you read codes on a 1998 Dodge Dakota?

With a scan tool.

How to Read Trouble codes for for ford 1995 windstar?

The 1995 Windstar uses the current ODB-II diagnostics scanner and codes.See "Related Questions" below for more about reading and responding to trouble codes.

How do you read check engine light codes BMW 1998 328I?

If it is a U.S. car then it is an OBDII compliant vehicle and the codes can be read with an OBDII scan tool.

How can you read the trouble codes on a 98 dodge caravan 3.0?

A sacn tool is required.

How do you read the trouble codes on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertible?

I use a scan tool.

What could cause gauges to lose power and start working again several times in a trip in a 99 Saturn SL1?

something to do with diagnostic codes. you need to have the codes read. I'm having battery problems with my Saturn and it seems to happen then.

What does the data link connector do on 1998 Ford Explorer sport?

It allows the OBD II scanner to connect to your Ford Explorer to " read " any trouble codes when the check engine light comes on for one thing

How do you read trouble codes in 2003 jeep liberty 3..7L without scan tool?

Vehicles after 1995 require the use of the OBDII scan tool to retrieve/read the trouble codes. Auto supply stores such as AutoZone, Advance, Chief, etc. usually will scan free of charge.

How can you get your 1998 dodge ram 1500 5.2L to pass smog?

The check engine light must be on so, start with having the DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) read. The codes will help with determining what is wrong with the emission control system. Most of your local auto parts stores will provide that service for you at no cost.

Can you read engine trouble codes on the DLC in a GM vehicle?

Reading the codes in a GM is possible without a scantool only through the 1995 model year.

What are all the possible reasons that a solid check engine light stays illuminated on a 1998 Explorer?

only one way to find out, take it to an auto parts store where they will read your obdII trouble codes for free and see what the on board computer tells you.

How do you read ABS trouble codes?

Go where they have a scanner that reads them. A TECH11 scanner is one. A lot of dealers have this one.

Why would a Saturn buck in 2nd gear and the check engine light come on?

TAke it to auto zone and have the codes read for free/

Is the 3.1L the only engine that the 1998 Oldsmobile cutlass can have in it?

No, You may if you like replace it with a 3.4. OVH It will bolt up just fine. Make sure that you replace the harness aswell. The 3.1 harness on the 3.4 will read out trouble codes and turn engine light on.