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Use adhesive spray on the back side of it.

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Q: How do you reattach roof liner in car?
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Rhino liner on the roof of a car?

yeah why not??

What is cloth in the roof of a car called?

In the auto industry, it is called the "head liner".

Can spray in bed liner be applied to a roof?


What can you use to reattach the outside door molding on your car?

To reattach the molding on the outside of your car you need to visit your local auto repair store. They will have some form of adhesive to help reattach the molding.

What provides a barrier space between the roof and the living area?


Why is water pouring out of the seat belt mount on inside roof liner of your SC2 why and how do you fix it Yes you have a sunroof?

It sounds like the water drain hose for the sun/moon roof has come disconnected. There are 4 drains, one at each corner. You'll have to pull down the roof liner to get access to that corner and reattach the hose. If the hose is leaking and not disconnected, you can cheaply buy hose at the hardware store, and connectors and clamps to cut out the bad section and replace it with new. The other option which I don't know how to fix, is that the drain is backed up (clogged) farther down inside the car, and it's overflowing. That might need professional service.

What is the roof of a car called?

The roof

How do you spell the name of the car with no roof?

A car that has no roof is merely roofless, but the name for such a car that has a retractable or removable roof is a convertible.

Did the first car have a sun roof?

no <><><> The first car did not have a roof at all.

What goes on the roof of a car?

roof scoop or sun roof

How is a car without a roof called?

A car without a roof is called a convertible

How do you reattach the windshield wipers back on?

Why are there windshield wipers inside the car?

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