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Don't know if this is applicable to a 99 Wolfsburg edition, but this worked for attaching body-side moldings to my 98 jetta GL. Go to your local auto parts store and buy professional automotive-grade double-sided tape (I believe the manufacturer is 3M). First, choose a warm sunny day; temperature is critical for adhesion on reattachment. Strip the molding completely from the car's body (there is no advantage to keeping what little adhesion you have will eventually go the way of the failed section in time, anyway). Remove as much residue from the strip and the car body as possible using your fingers (I wouldn't recommend chemicals or razor blades for this process, but take your time and try to get a clean, smooth, burr-free surface on both attachment points). Attach tape to the full length of the molding. Making sure the sheetmetal on your car's surface is relatively warm to the touch, remove the protective covering from the tape and in one motion (you won't get a second chance, so be deliberate) press the molding firmly in place. Run along the length of the molding, keeping firm pressure, with a clean rag. I did this about three years ago on a 60 degree day and the job seems more solid than when it left the factory. By the way, for anyone with standard wheel covers about to lose their VW logo caps from the center of the cover, this trick also works. If your molding is attached with clips, obviously you might want to research another method, as unless the backside of the molding is perfectly flat, the method of reattachment that was just described will be dubious at best.

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Q: How do you reattach the front passenger exterior door moulding to a 1999 Jetta Wolfsburg that has partially come off?
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