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How do you rebuild a brake caliper on a 1994 Chevy Lumina?

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March 11, 2005 6:27PM

First let me say that braking system is a vital system that

should never be short cut. I don't believe that a person should

work on this system unless they are trained or have experience

doing these type repairs. You can buy rebuilt calipers now so

inexpensive many garages no longer do these type service at their

shops.They prefer buy and install these items. Now with the

answer.First you will remove the calipers and drain fliud from each

caliper. Put plastic plugs on brake lines as not to lose fluid and

introduce air in to Master Cylinder. Next push caliper pistons out

of caliper bores and careful not to drop or scratch piston surface.

Next remove old seals from caliper bores. Next clean bores with

soapy water and brass brush.Next clean caliper pistons same way.

Make sure all surface are dry and clean before assembly. Next use

brake assembly lube to coat all surfaces in caliper bore and the

surface of the pistons that are in the bore. Next place the new

rubber seals in cailper bore with assembly lube and place dust boot

on caliper piston. Insert piston into bore and push slow and even

into bore until they reach bottom. Stretch dust boot over lip on

cailper. You are now ready to reinstall and bleed brake system.

Please heed my earlier warning if any doubt of you ability to

perform this repair please take to a experience person for


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