How do you recharge freon on ford E-150?

I think if its before 1995 you need a conversion kit from r12 to r134.

the directions in the package will suck... they will most likely give you extra pieces. the part that they give you that goes on the high pressure end serves no purpose at least no purpose related to you filling the freon right now. some kind of check valve that they won't include.

find the lower pressure service valve (looks like the plug to put air in a tire)

in my 1992 this is located behind the big hoses that come off the air intake. Be carefull lots of VERY HOT things inside of this area.

If you don't see it there locate the freon pump. the freon pump will most likely be located on the drivers side of the engine, it will have a belt going around it and will have hoses that lead to a small radiator which I think you technically call a condenser since its on an ac system... whatever... anyways, once you have found the freon pump look for the bigger hose coming off of it and follow where it goes, someplace on that line will be the plug I told you about. It will most likely be located in a part of the engine that is very difficult to reach... but it is possible just make sure you get that adapter on tight.

I just did this to my e-150 it used all three cans that came with the kit and is blowing only mildly cold air... but at last it is blowing cold air so hopefully one or two more cans will do it... supposedly that included gauge will help you but its all over the place due to the pump kicking on and off and when you turn the engine off it will read something like 100 PSI... every car I've done this too does that, don't worry about it.

if its after 94 or 95 (can't remember exactly) just add r134 to the valve, you find it the same way.

The manual will say stuff about killing yourself if you put it on the wrong way... it only goes on one way period.

additional notes: if converting to 134 system must be free of r12, a body shop can test and empty it for you, they probably won't even charge you... but you can test the pressue by pushing the pin inside the valve in... but don't tell the enviromentalist its technically illegal to do that. but if it makes you feel better no matter who takes it out its going into the atmosphere anyways...