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Maybe you mean autoexec.bat because windows xp doesn't have autoexec.exe. even more windows xp doesn't use autoexec.bat anymore, it has it's own file which is called boot.ini. autoexec is important for windows 98/Me and so on. You don't need to recover it. Unless you upgraded your PC from windows 98/me or something like that it the autoexec has certain programs to boot. If you lost it comlitely there is no way to restore it. But you can create it in usual notepad, in Google you can find a lot of information how to create autoexec.bat

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How do you recover a file deleted from recycle bin in windows xp and a file deleted from trash in RHEL4?

For windows XP get yourself a copy of diskternals. I have had some very good results in the past with this program.

How do you recover a lost windows file on xp?

You can download a recovery software. I recommend WiseRecovery to you, it helped me a lot

How do you recover Windows XP password?

Place your Windows XP CD in your CD-ROM and start your computer (You need your XP CD is bootable as it should be - and that you have your bios set to boot from CD)..Read More..

Does a driver rollback allow windows xp professional to recover from incorrect installation?

which feature of windows xp professional allows you to recover from installing the incorrect driver for a device

Windows XP and Windows 7 file sharing?

XP and 7 supports file sharing through network or any Windows supported storage device.

What tools do you use to browse the file system on a drive in Windows XP?

You use My Computer & Windows Explorer to browse the file system on a drive in Windows XP.

What windows file load that run when windows start?


What is the swap file called in windows XP?

Paging File

In Windows XP How do you create a text file?

To createa text file in Windows XP or any version of XP, open any word processor or text editor and create your file. Once you create your file, save it with the .TXT contention to save it as a text file.

What is the name of the Windows 2000 and Windows XP swap file?


What file systems are supported by both Windows 98 and Windows XP?

What is Structure of file system in windows?

What is structure of window in windows XP

Where is the Windows XP file containing your username stored?

In the SAM file.

What file system does Windows XP use?

NTFS is the predominant file system although FAT is supported on XP.

Can you use an ms-dos startup disk to launch windows xp recover data files andor recover from a failed installation of windows xp?

Generally speaking, no. Most Windows XP installations are made onto NTFS partitions, which MS-DOS cannot read.

How do you recover a deleted resume on your Windows XP computer?

Usually when you delete something your computer doesn't actually delete it. Look in your recycle bin or trash can. Otherwise, you can download a file recovery application. Search Google for "file recovery for windows".

What is the swap file called in windows vista or xp?

Paging File/ page file

How you can open Windows XP word files in Windows Vista?

There is no such thing as a "Windows XP Word file." You open the files in Vista the exact same way you do in Windows XP - with Microsoft Word.

How do you open a Windows Vista word file with Windows XP?

There is no 'windows vista word file'. You might be thinking of the .docx format, which is MS Office 2007 format. You can get MS Office 2007 for Windows XP.

How can you use the Windows xp filing system in windows 7?

Windows XP and Windows 7 both use the same file system by default: NTFS.

File system security in windows xp?


What file system does windows xp support?


What size file is Windows xp?

About 1Gb, I believe.

What is the default file system for windows xp?


What is the default file system in Windows XP?


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