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I used 3m tape (trim tape) to resecure the window, and It worked great for about 2 months till it got hot out then window came out again. the window is heat sealed to the top and is not repairable you must replace the top. mine cost $950.00 and they found that the frame was cracked and had to be sent out to be welded total cost $1150.00

I have a 1996 Pontiac firebird, and the rear glass separated from the top, i found a product from GE called silicone II, this is a very strong and sturdy glue for wet and dry applications, i first used it in my washing machine water drum, so far it has been 2 years since the repair, i used this same product on my convertible top and it works wonderfully, ensure the area is cleaned and oil free i used isotone to clean the surface, then u apply a steady line of GE silicone II to the actual material itself and mate it up to the glass and let it set over night for best results, let dry in shade, let your top down about 1/4 of the way to leave some slack in the top this product comes in a 2.8 oz tube, at a cost of 22.95 per tube. so far so good been 9 months since the repair

You can definatly reglue the back glass on your corvette. A product used for installing windshields called " Urethane" will work for it, it is much stronger than silicone, however it is extremly messy. Dont get any on the top, because you wont get it off! I own a auto glass and trim shop.


Have a '03 Corvette Convertible and did the following:

1.Clean surface, unlock the top and place a 2" spacer to relieve stress on window interface.

2.Apply thin coat of 3M Glass Primer [08682 or 08681] to the glass area to be glued -10 min dry time.

3.Apply 3/16" bead of 3M Windo-Weld adhesive 10.5 oz tube [08609] over primer - Press the surface of the top around the window to provide a good contact and extrude excess adhesive.

4.Prop up the window from inside the car to provide good contact between the glass and top - this is important. I also placed some Duct Tape in a few locations at the window top interface to assist in holding the top to glass. Cover top to protect from rain - leave top unlocked with spacer.

5. I let it cure for 3 days because of my outdoor weather conditions, but the curing conditions [Temp/RH] can be found on the 3M Web Site.

6. Carefully clean excess adhesive with razor blade.

7. Cost about $25. Materials can be ordered online or at a body shop supplies retailer

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Q: How do you refasten the glass rear window on a 2000 Corvette convertible?
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