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How do you reformat your hard disk?

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right click on the hard disk and click format

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How do you format a MacBook Pro?

You want to reformat the hard disk? Use Disk Utility in the Utilities folder which is in the Applications folder.

Can you reformat a disk?

Yes you can.

Do you lose everything in your apps when you reformat your mac?

Yes, when you "reformat" it erases the hard drive completely. It will be an empty drive, you will have to reinstall the OS from your disk/Apple internet or reinstall from a back-up after you do it.

How do you reboot your laptop to it's original state?

You will need to reformat your hard disk in order to return your computer to its original state.

How do you delete everything from off your laptop?

Easiest way to Delete the all history the option is menu bar reformat the hard disk.

How do you reformat your computer when it is off?

You can't actually reformat when it's off. You'll need to power it up with a bootable CD or floppy disk which has the format command available. Besides, what you are formatting is the hard drive, not the computer. Or you can remove the hard drive from the computer in question and format it in another computer.

How reformat hard drive?

In order to reformat a hard drive you need to back up and save all the information that you want to keep. you first need to choose the drive you want to reformat and then in the help menu you can choose reformat and it will take care of the rest

How do you reformat a Mac?

In order to reformat (restore to factory settings) you need to do a clean install (using an installation disk) However, I would recommend backing up important documents, if you don't own an external hard drive, I suggest this:

How To format a protected CD?

its impossible once rote , rote 4ever Is the CD a CD-R or CD+R? If so, you cannot reformat it. Once the disk is finalized, it becomes "read only" and there is no way to reformat because it is a "write once" disk. Is the CD a CD-RW or CD+RW? If so, you can reformat it.

How do you reformat a Macintosh hard drive?

That depends. If the hard drive you want to reformat is not your main OSX drive, you goto finder, applications, utilities, and disk utilites, select the drive and format. if it is the main system drive, you will need an osx install DVD. boot the disc, start setup and run the disc utilities from osx setup.

What is primary hard disk and secondary hard disk?

Primary hard disk is that kind of hard disk which system gives first preferences for booting and then second hard disk.

How do you reformat 2 hard drives?

Aaron is the best!!

How do you clean out a computer memory?

There are 2 types of memory on a computer. The Random Access Memory or RAM is like the workspace you do things on. The other type of memory is the Hard Disk or HD is like a storage room where everything you will need is put away until you need it. RAM is cleared every time you re start the computer or the computer is shut down/ turned off. The Hard Disk lasts for many years and if you what to clear that you will loose everything on the hard disk. That clearing is done by using the install disk to reformat or completely erase the hard disk

How do you erase all data on a PS3?

Reformat hd. On the XMB go into the settings menu and you will find "Reformat hard drive".

How do you reformat my computer with out the reformat disk?

You can do this from a terminal window, however reformatting the computer will require you to reload the operating system from scratch (and you will lose all your data) before you can use it again.

When you reformat a mac hard drive in a PC does it stay as mac os?

When you reformat a hard drive you change it to whatever formatting you have selected and it will overwrite whatever format was used before.

What is a format disc for a play station?

A memory card that has the ability to reformat a ps2 game disk

How can you format an external Hard Drive from Mac to PC without losing its content?

Unfortunately, formating a hard drive means wiping all the information on it. What you should do is save everything on the drive to another disk, or burn it to a CD, and then reformat the drive.

What do you mean by sata hard disk?

Hard Disk that has Sata Cable and has a smaller jeck than normal Hard disk is called Sata Hard Disk

Can you reformat your hard drive without logging on to windows?


How do you get an old laptop to work?

You can try to reformat the hard drive

What is a hard disk and its examples?

hard disk examples

How many types of hard disk?

There are two types of Hard disk. 1:Sea gate disk 2:SATA Hard disk

What is the history of hard disk and the inventor of hard disk?

The history of hard disk is that, hard disk is invented in 1950's that time hard disk size is 20 inche's maximum the name of hard disk inventer is "REY JOHNSON" by the help of IBM team. ""BILAWAL ABBAS""

What are the five types of disk drives?

IDE hard disk, SCSI hard disk, SATA hard disk, External hard disk, it is also differ by RPM speed for the HADD. I hope that helpes.