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You must cut out all rust, because rust does not stop it continues to grow, please do not just cover it up because it will come back again.

The questioner is asking: How do you refurbish a well used car? and telling you that the car has rust all over. It would seem that the first thing to do is replace the parts that are rusty.

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Q: How do you refurbish a well used car car has rust and everything?
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Will your well water refurbish itself with a aquifer?

Yes, it does.

What products are good for removing rust from patio furniture?

There are many products that can be used to remove rust from patio furniture that you can find at any Home Improvement store. Rust Aid is one such product. You can also use Steel Wool soaked in white vinegar to remove rust as well.

How does citric acid get rid of rust?

Well, first of all there are many different types of acids used to get rid of rust, citric acid is just one of them, Anyway when adding acid to rust you are making the rust or oxidizing metal more water soluble hence making it easier to remove rust! Hope that helps!

Can milk rust a penny?

rust no. Well maybe a 1943 steel penny.

What are grinding wheels used for?

Grinding wheels have many different types and purposes. They are used to sharpen tools, as well as, for removing rust and paint for a smooth surface.

Rust is the oxidation of. what?

Rust is the oxidation of iron. It is usually a reddish-brown and is fairly well attached

Will 7up rust a nail?

Well I did and experiment for 30 days with 7up and an iron nail and it did not rust.

How is rust produced?

Rust is iron oxide. So when iron oxidizes you get rust. So iron and steel (iron and carbon) are prone to this happening while metal like aluminum well not rust.

How do you remove rust from stovetop?

Remove the burner grates and let them sit in hot soapy water for 30 to 60 minutes. Remove rust from the stove top using a non-scratch scouring pad in a circular motion. For especially tough rust, vinegar can be used as a cleaning solution as well.

Is battery rust a chemical reaction?

Well Im no scientist but it may be just like rust on a car...?

Why the iron nail rust in water?

If the water is oxygenated, the nail will react because rust is Iron Oxide and for Rust to form you need not only Water but Oxygen as well.

How does cast iron respond to rust?

Rust is the oxidation of the cast iron. Oxygen in the air combines with the base metal to create the rust. The rust protects the metal underneath. Cast iron is not "reacting" to rust. It is participating in FORMING the rust. ************** previous answer below *************** Very well as the rust actually protects the base metal

How would you write about rust?

When iron reacts with oxygen in water as well as in the atomospher iron oxide will be formed. This is nothing but the rust.

Should you undercoat a used car?

NO. Only new cars should be undercoated. Unless you feel like ripping apart the car cleaning all the rust off then you could, but it is too much work. The above answer is kind of stupid. The poster asked if a used car could or should be undercoated. If the car in question has rust peforation or is obviously rusted (and rust is easy to see and inspect for) then obviously the answer would be a solid "no". However, a used car that is CLEAN and well kept, has no rust issues, can be steam cleaned and undercoated. I have a 22 year old pickup truck that was purchased new in Hawaii, and soon thereafter called SE Arizona home until the past week or so. This truck has absolutely NO rust on it, and it can be cleaned and undercoated prior to it's first OH winter. SO the qualified answer is: If the vehicle is CLEAN, has been well maintained, or is from a rust-free environment, it can be undercoated.

Do bronze lamps rust if left out in the rain?

Yes, bronze lamps do rust if left out in the rain. If bronze is not well kept, it can quickly become dull-looking and tarnished with spots that resemble rust.

Does iron need water and air to rust?

Iron can rust even without water, but it rusts much more rapidly if it is exposed to water as well as air. It is the oxygen in the air which causes it to rust.

Which websites have information on home decorating?

Home and better Garden has a wonderful variety of ideas on how to refurbish your home. They have an online website available as well as a magazine that is chuck full of great ideas as well as money saving tips.

How is the phrase 'everything in between' used in daily life?

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How long does it take for something to rust?

Since rust is the oxidation of metal, it would depend on what type of metal it is. More oxygen as well as salt would make a metal rust faster. Some metal can start to rust in as fast as a week if left out in the elements.

Can steel wool rust?

Yes, steel wool can rust. Steel is a ferrous material, meaning it is mostly iron. Rust is iron oxide. Thus, if you keep steel wool wet, it will certainly rust. Adding an oxidizer will increase the rate of this process as well.

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Steel Shelving for the Garage.?

Steel shelving can indeed rust with rain and snow, as well as moist summer air. However, there are certain types of steel, as well as some types of treatment that can resist rust, or make cleaning rust much easier. Check with your local retailer and see what they reccomend.

Well water is rust colored?

Take a sample for analysis.

Which will rust faster metal or steel?

Well steel is metal.

What cause a nail to rust in soda?

The acidity of the soda accelerates the process, but the nail would rust in a glass of pure water as well. Rust is caused by oxygen in the air, but various other chemicals can catalyse that process.