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How do you relace 1988 Honda goldwing headlight?

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2007-07-04 19:59:05

I have a '91 Honda Goldwing 1500. Just did this. First you peel

back the rubber from around the mirrors... the top chrome piece and

the grill right above the headlight are each held in place with 1

screw each side under that rubber. (The top chrome piece has a clip

in the middle bottom which requires a lift and pull to release). 2

screws will remove the small plastic grill right under the

headlights. This will expose 4 10mm bolts (2 top and 2 bottom) that

hold in the headlight assy. Remove the assy. and unplug the one

multiplug connecting it... Flip the headlight face down and remove

the boot and plug to the headlight bulb. You will see a clip that

holds in the bulb. Flip it up and replace the bulb(s).

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