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How do you relief the tension in the power steering belt on a 84 Z28 Camaro?


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you have to spin the Power Steering pump so that the holes in the pulley will give you access to the 15mm nut that's on the inside of the pulley holes

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You can convert manual to power steering on a 1969 Camaro. the steering box will need to be changed, and a pump and brackets as well as fluid lines will need to be added.

how do you install a pulley connected to the power steering pump on a 93chevy camaro

check the power stering resvor located by the belt

Check the tension on the belt. A power steering pump will whine if there is too much belt tension, putting pressure on the side of the pulley.

The power steering belt on a Vectra 1.8 can be tightened by loosening the alternator bolts and using a pry bar to apply tension. The bolts can then be tightened to maintain the tension.

excessive noise even though belt tension is good, or when power steering fluid is leaking out the shaft seal.

on the power steering pump bracket on the side closest to the battery look for a 1/2" square hole (incidently use this with a 1/2'" drive socket wrench to leverage belt tension after you put on the new belt when you get there) just below this square hole is the tension bolt for the power steering belt adjustment

If you're referring to the 4.0 I-6, there is an idler pulley located directly under the air conditioning compressor pulley. However, tension is adjusted through the power steering pump. You will have to loosen the two bolts behind the power steering pump, two or three bolts which attach to the power steering bracket, as well as the one under the front of the pulley. There is also another bolt under the driver's side of the power steering pump. This one actually controls the belt tension.

there's a reservoir tank under the hood the cap says power steering fluid which should be near the brake fluid reservoir

You have to pull the serp. belt, coil packs, power steering pump pulley, power steering pump mounting bracket, and then you can get the water pump out.

Driver side engine compartment. Should say power steering on the cap. just read the level on the stick and add accordingly.

Open the hood and on the driver side of the engine you should see a cap that says power steering fluid only.open the ap and pour it in to the fill line

check power steering pump or belt tension.

Gallon capacity of what? Oil? Gas? Water? Power Steering Fluid..?

Is this a single belt or a serpentine belt system, if so look for belt tension idler pulley and loose belt, or single belt then you will need to loose and release tension on the power steering pump assembly.

Pull upwards on the belt. There should be only minimal play, and the power steering pump should not make a noise due to a belt that is too lose or too tight. This is really the easiest way to judge proper tension.

There is no adjustment of the pump. You can adjust belt tension, by loosing and adjusting tension with the bolts holding it in place, but that is all.

The adjusting pulley for the power steering is found on the side of the engine under the power steering pump. Loosen the bolt that keeps it tight and the belt will have some slack to slide off the pulley.

Sounds like the power steering pump is going bad. Check the fluid leavel

Your power steering has a lot to do with the way your car handles. A sudden change in steering could be any/all of the following: low fluid, a broken belt (there is a belt that connects the engine's main drive pulley to the power steering, alternator, air conditioning, etc. pulleys) or the power steering pump went bad. Before you take your car to the shop, check the fluid and the belts to make sure they are OK. Note that loose belts are the same as broken belts. The belt MUST have the correct tension in it for it to work properly. In virtually all modern cars, belt tension is set with a spring loaded pulley that should always maintain the correct tension. You should check out the belt tensioner too. If all these check out properly, then the power steering pump is the next most likely culprit. Finally, the power steering rack - the thing that couples the hydraulic pressure from the power-steering pump into the steering mechanism - may need replacement or rebuilding.

Assuming the drive belt is there and has the proper tension, my guess would be the power steering pump is bad.

power steering fluid low...ck PS pump, PS hi pressure hose and rack

Should have a spring loaded tensioner and no adjustment is necessary unless tensioner is bad It actually has a tension pulley underneath the power steering. Use a 15mm socket to loosen/tighten the bolt right beside the power steering. That is how you adjust the tension on the belt.

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