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You can take Motrin to help relieve lower Back pain. You can also take a warm bath or lay in a heating pad. If you can not stop the pain you should go to the doctor.

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how can I relieve lower back pain?

You can relieve lower back pain by standing up straight. Sitting up straight when sitting with family or friends.

What is the best exercise to relieve lower back pain?

because it gets the muscles moving and streches them so it relieves the lower back pain

How can I find stretches to relieve lower back pain?

Stretches to relieve lower back pain can be found on a number of websites including WebMD, Spine-Health and FitSugar. Exercises can be also be found on YouTube.

Will cortisone injection help to relieve lower back pain?

An injection of cortisone may help to relieve lower back pain. However, it is not the only treatment available and people will experience differing levels of efficacy.

What can acupuncture do to alleviate lower back pain?

Acupuncture has been proven to be safe way to alleviate lower back pain without any negative side-effects. Studies have found that using acupuncture, that it can relieve back pain for six months or longer.

If I go to the clinic is there a treatment that would stop my lower back pains for good?

The best way to treat a lower back pain is to visit a chiropractic and address your pain, also if the problem is just present when applying stress to the lower back a good solution is to stretch and move as soon as the pain starts to relieve the stress on the lower back.

My girlfriends back hurts n theres bump on the lower left side what can i do to calm her pain?

If your girlfriend's back hurts and there is a bump on the lower left side of it, you can have her take ibuprofen to help relieve the pain temporarily.

What can relieve lower back pain?

The pneumatic cream and full body massage can relieve the lower back pain.

What are some exercises one can do to help with lower back pain?

There are various stretching exercises a person can do in order to relieve back pain. Yoga is also helpful for this type of pain and release from it in most cases.

My girlfriends back hurts n theres bump on the lower left side what can i do to calm her pain-?

If ones girlfriend's back hurts and there are bumps on the lower left side of it, you can put ice on it to help relieve some of the pain.

How can one relieve lower back pain naturally?

There are many natural ways to relieve lower back pain. One of the best ways is to use a heating pad, or by soaking in a hot bath or a jacuzzi. Other natural ways include using herbs or plants with pain-relieving qualities such as Dong Quai and Fo-ti. Both of these herbs are used by people to attain pain relief.

How do you relieve back pain through the foot?

Our feet has all the nerves which is related to our body, so we have to find out the nerve which cause back pain and have to acupuncture the area thus our pain relieve.

Which chair cushion is best for helping lower back pain?

To help relieve lower back pain an orthopedic seat cushion is best because it keeps your body aligned, giving you better posture.They are easy to transport to home and to work or outdoors.

What does chiropractor therapy help with?

Chiropractic therapy helps with joint and muscle pain. Chiropractors use their hands manually to relieve or reduce pain normally in the neck or lower back.

Does caffeine relieve pain?

Caffeine can relieve various types of pain. These pains include most headaches and back and shoulder pains.

What is the best type of massage to relieve back pain?

The best type of massages to relieve back pain are those of the therapeutic variety. Some recommended massages for back pain include the Swedish massage and the deep tissue massage.

How can I fix my bad lower back pain?

You have to first avoid positions that will increase the pain. You can use ice or an ice pack. If you have non prescription pain relievers, you may use them as well. You can also do certain exercises to relieve the pain.

How to relieve Back pain caused by calcification?

The best way to relieve back pain caused by calcification is with magnesium and sodium thiosulfate. Magnesium may even decrease calcification.

Can an STD cause lower back pain?

An STD can indeed cause lower back pain. The most common STD known to cause lower back pain is Chlamydia.

Are there any remedies for lower back pain relief?

The best medication to take to relieve lower back pain is Tylenol or Advil. Non-medical treatment options include limiting bed rest, maintain good posture, apply ice and heat, and relaxation techniques.

Does the Fentanyl patch really work to relieve back pain?


Does not having a bowel movement cause lower back pain?

It can cause lower back pain but not always

What can cause lower back pain and a small piercing pain on the upper hip?

I believe that shingles can cause lower back pain.

Does a lumbar cushion relieve back pain?

Yes a lumbar cushion is great for back pain it helps you're back stay aligned well and makes you're posture better also helps with the spine and helps relieve pain when walking or standing

What are Salicylates used for?

Salicylates are used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and lower fever