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Q: How do you reload an air bag in a Saturn 2001 SL?
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Where is the air bag sensor in a 1995 Saturn?

The SDM in the 1995 Saturn is located under the center console.

Is there an engine reset after air bag deployment on a 2001 Pontiac Aztec?

my air bag red light on all the time 2001 Aztec what i can do

What causes your horn to stay on in your Saturn Vue?

Usually it is causes by the drivers air bag module having an internal short. The air bag needs to be removed and the horn disconnected at the air bag to verify

How do you Air Bag a 2001 Ford Ranger Edge?

You air bag it by using air bags. Not the kind in the steering wheel btw.

Where the module of the air bag is located for a Nissan Maxima 2001.?

Where the module of the air bag is located for a Nissan Maxima 2001. It's located under the center console.

How do you disable a 2001 Kia Sportage Air bag?

disconnect battery, remove air bag fuse and yellow arming wire to each air bag you are disconnecting.Be Carefull !

Why does Saturn vue 2003 groan when turning the wheel?

Steering Wheel Air bag!

What is SRS system on 2001 Ford Ranger?

air bag

How do you change the steering wheel lock assembly in a 2001 Saturn L200 series?

The air bag electronics are very sensitive. If you're asking this question you probably don't have the skills to be messing with the steering wheel assembly. If you mess with it the air bag can deploy causing YOU serious injury and the expense of replacing the air bag. Just take it to a professional, let them be responsible.

Where is the black box on a Saturn vue 2005?

The air bag module can record accident crash data. On a GM or Saturn vehicle the correct (GM) term for the air bag module is the SDM or sensing and diagnostic module. On the Saturn VUE. The SDM is mounted to the floor under the center console.

Does a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser have an air bag in the steering wheel?


How to disable passenger air bag on a 2001 Chevy astro van?

Disconnect the negative battery terminal and remove the fuses pertaining to the air-bag(s)

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