How do you remove PTAWIA?

Typically associated with Kodak Easyshare software; not malicious. I suggest you change the name WikiAnswers to WikiAvoidsQuestions. Cars are usually associated with highways, but that doesn't tell you how to get to Pasadena. Get real. I want the PTAWIA off my system. Do any of you geeks out there know the answer to the very clear question, "How do I remove PTAWIA?" -- You have two choices 1. Uninstall the Kodak Easyshare software from you computer (using Control Pannel - Add Remove Programs). The result is that you will no longer have the Easyshare software - if you don't need it, problem solved. 2. Stop Easyshare from automatically loading into memory. If you still need the application but don't want it to load into memory everytime you start your computer you need to find where it is launching from (I don't have the app so I can't tell you exactly). There are three places that applications are typically started from: 1. Start Menu - you can check this by right clicking on your start menu and selecting "Explore All Users". Then browse to Start Menu - All Programs - Start Up. Any applications in this folder are automatically launching when you start your computer. I doubt you need any of them to do so. After checking the All Users profile look in the same location under your login name. 2. The other two locations are in the system registry. NOTE: screwing up your registry is a really really bad thing - search Microsoft's knowledge base ( for instructions on how to backup up your registry and correctly edit it - don't do anything you don't understand the consequences of. The registry locations are Hkey_Current_User - Software - Microsoft - Windows - Current Version - Run and the same location under Hkey_Local_Machine These are also the locations that adware/spyware often add themselves to automatically run from so it's worth learning how to edit them.