How do you remove Trojan horse Stubby b?

You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer.

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

4 Run Superantispyware

5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection

grisoft FAQ 180

Click this link and look up the answer to FAQ180. I had the same problem and it has taken me the best part of a day to sort it out. I came across your query while trying to find a solution. Seems to have worked for me so far, beware though because you will lose all your system restore points. Small price to pay I think to stop that annoying message popping up over and over.

Or for a comparatively easy fix which seems to work for me, see the messages in the identical FAQ posted by Camille Allauzen on 17 March, higher up this list!

1. Download and run firefox to protect your computer from future spyware attacks and pop ups which are coming in through internet explorer (Trojan downloaders, win32). Browser attacks aren't easy to spot because they piggyback on legitimate traffic that doesn't exhibit many obvious warning signs

2. Run the vundo and combo fix

3. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

4. Run the anti-spyware remove programs spybot and super anti-spyware to get rid of the nasties

5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr. Web CureIt!