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I owned one of these many moons ago. 77 Type LT. If there is a chrome molding around the windshield, you will need to remove this. They make a molding removal tool which you can purchase at NAPA. I would purchase this if you don't have one as you will more than likely bend the molding without it.

Once any molding is removed, use a razor blade on an edge (like next to a side window support). Remove the glue around the area and start working it under the edge. Once you get a small slit here is what you can do to make the job quicker. Get some very fine wire. Single strand, not multi strand. Steel wire works great. The stuff your looking for is like piano string or 12lb test fishing line. Than get yourself two pairs of vice-grips.

You'll need a friend for this part forward. Feed a 3ft section of wire through the crack you made in the adhesive. Use a screwdriver or something thin to help push it through. Have one person get inside and one outside and connect a pair of vice grips to both ends. Work together, one person hold and the other pull and it will cut through the adhesive. Do this all the way around the window. once you have gone all the way around, remove the wire and have the person on the inside carefully push out (use gloves just in case). Remove the old windshield.

Your not done yet. Now you have to go around and clean all the old adhesive off the frame. Once you feel you have it all, use an alcohol or mineral spirits and wipe it down. Let it dry. Pick up a windshield seal at an autoparts store and carefully unroll it around the window frame. Once it is all the way around and set on the same line as the old stuff was, get your friend again. One on each side and bring the windshield up. Carefully mindful of the alignment, gently press the windshield into the adhesive. If your in a cold climate you better do this in a heated garage. You can use a heat lamp or blow dryer to speed up the drying process. Put your moldings back on after a day and your good to go.

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Q: How do you remove a 1977 Camaro front windshield?
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