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I am in the same situation and yet do not know, but I did a first easy call to Hyundai service department, and they were very nice and told me some. I plan on calling them again or even going by their place. You should do the same.

My 2000 elantra (rear power window) has ~6 screws:

1 -- in door latch pocket 1 -- in arm rest pocket under rubber gromet 2 -- in upper forward edge of door panel 2 -- in upper back edge of door panel

it also has ~5 captured plastic snaps along the bottom. these are the typical press-in but have a flat head that is captured in little plastic fork brackets that are glued onto the backside of the door panel.

remove all the screws carefully remove the plastic snaps from the door body(I used a door panel tool, a flat fork like tool) (I damaged one snap and one catpuring bracket also came off) (Dealership suggested door panel snap brackets can disengage from the snaps via sliding, but upon panel removal, I don't see how it is possible, I think snaps are intended as sacrificial items.)

wobble door panel loose until you can access door latch rods on interior door handle. I think there was excess black sealant keeping the door panel well attached to the door frame; It tore the vapor barrier some, no big deal I think... (Maybe the vapor barrier is captured around the latch assembly, not sure)

Once door panel is mostly loose, There are pink plastic clevis's that rotate off the latch rods to free the rods from the interior door handle.

disconnect the electrical up/down window switch (from the arm-rest portion) from the regulator motor...

I face replacing the power window regulator... I understand that the bracket on the lower window edge unbolts to the regulator carraige, then the window removes upwards. (I don't expect to remove the window but to wedge it in place while removing the regulator.... we'll see)

unbolting the regulator/motor assembly from the door frame, it is supposed? to be removed out the bottom?

The lift cable on mine has clearly failed and wrapped around the motor/capstan and is severely kinked... (loose lift cable end is flopping around)

My regulator has two lift cables that enter on the top of the regulator, some regulators have one cable on the top and one cable on the bottom


In regards to the door handle/locking mechanism area. My car is a 1999 I think, but there is a good chance they are the same. I had to slide the door handle assembly inward (towards the car as the door is open) while putting a flathead screwdriver under the inner side to sort of pop it up slightly. Then when I hit it inwards (to slide it) it popped right out (after removing the screw of course) and then I could access the door latch and locking mechanism rods.

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Q: How do you remove a door panel and handle to repair the window in a '00 Hyundai Elantra?
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