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It's not that complicated. Take a shop towel or wash cloth and gently slide it behind your window crank handle. This will take a little patience but be persistent. This will pop up a small wire clip far enough for you to put a small screwdriver or needle nose plier to it and remove it. Then you unscrew any Phillips head screw you see holding the panel on. Next pull the door handle out like you're opening it to exit the car and there should be a Phillips head screw behind it. Remove it. On to the arm rest. There should be a couple of holes with recessed screws in them. If not, pop the top of the armrest loose and look inside for the screws. Remove them. Next step is very critical that you take your time with. Making sure you've removed all screws, gently pull on the lower outside corner of the door panel and it should start coming loose. There are several plastic pins that hold it on and you should be able to remove them with steady pressure, one at a time. If you get in a hurry and start pulling hard, you'll bust the fiberboard on the panel and have to epoxy the pins back in. Once you get them all loose, simply lift up and out on the panel and it should come loose. If not, you may have to just stick the window handle on and roll the window down. Once you put it back in place, the last step should be installing the window handle. Put the spring clip back in the grooves on the back of the handle, place it on the handle pin and give it a good whack with the palm of your hand. Bang, you're finished.

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Q: How do you remove a door panel on a 1992 Geo Storm?
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