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How do you remove a door panel on a 1992 Nissan 240sx?



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On the drivers side door, open the door till it's full extent then their are 3 things to remove: 1. The door has a round small cover with a screw behind it on the top right of the door pop the cover open with a flat head screw driver then remove the screw. 2. the door handle has a plastic cover on it just grab the same flat head and be carefull not to push down on it to hard carefully pull it out with the screw driver and your other hand. 3. The last step is to remove the window handle their is a pin behind the handle which must be removed for it to come off use a coat hanger and bend it like a hook and push a little with your hand so you can just get a tiny bit of room so that you don't do damage to the door panel it self pull out the pin twist a bit and the handle should come off. If it is an automatic their is a screw inside the window handle piece that you pull the door closed their is a small plastic cover on it remove this again with a flat head and remove the screw. Then pull it up carefully and underneath the auto window unit their is an electrical connector unplug this from the unit. After all that grab your flat head screw driver go between the door panel and the door it's self and pull the door panel start with top corner and go around to the bottom then lift the door panel upward at the top where the door panel hits the glass there is a lip that goes a little down as soon as you lift it up it should pop off and your done. The same procedure goes for the drivers side except there is another big handle. to remove this there is a screw on the top part of the handle look for it close to the door panel remove this crew and turn to the left and pull it out. and your done. Take your time with this if you push to hard with the flat head you will leave dents in the door panel that can not be removed.