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1.Remove the wheel cover or hub cap.Remove the cotter pin 2.Break the hub nut loose with a socket and large breaker bar 3.Loosen the wheel lug nuts,Raise the vehicle and support it securely on jackstands.Remove the wheel.Drain transaxle lubricant 4.Detach the stabilizer bar link(s)from the control arm(s) 5.Separate the lower control arm from the steering knuckle.Now remove the driveaxle/hub nut 6.Swing the knuckle/hub assembly out (away from vehicle) until end of the driveaxle is free from hub.If the driveaxle splines stick in the hub,tap on the end of the driveaxle with a plastic hammer.Carefully pry the inner CV joint from the transaxle using large screwdriver or prybar positioned between the CV joint housing and the transaxle housing support the outer end of the driveaxle with a piece of wire to avoid unnecessary strain on the inner CV joint. 7.Support the Cv joints and carefully remove the driveaxle from the vehicle

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Q: How do you remove a drive shaft from a ninety nine elantra?
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How do you change a Fiat Doblo drive shaft?

how to remove a drive shaft on a fiat doblo

How do you remove a drive shaft in 1999 Ford Taurus?

there is no drive shaft it's front wheel drive

Dodge Durango rear drive shaft removal?

How do you remove drive shaft from a 03 durango

How do you remove broken off flexible drive shaft from weedeater?

remove head pull shaft out

1948 ford drive shaft infohow do you remove the shaft.?

No proper man wants to be without his shaft

How do you replace a drive shaft center support bearing on a 2006 dodge ram megacab?

You must remove the rear drive shaft section and then remove the support.

How do you remove the drive shaft from washing machine?

pull it out

How do you remove the crank shaft bolt on a 1994 Hyundai Elantra?

On my 1.6L Elantra there is a hole in the inner fender that lines up with the crank shaft bolt. Remove the front tire. A half inch drive extension bar will fit right into the recess in the crank bolt. I used my impact wrench and a 1 foot long 1/2" drive extension and the bolt came right out. A 1/2" drive ratchet or breakover bar would work just as well. My problem now is I can't get the crank shaft timing belt gear off. It moves about 1/4" and then hangs up.

How do you remove the drive shaft from a 06 Honda rubicon?

Unbolt it at the shackles, and pull it out from the output shaft.

How do you get the drive shaft out?

Get the drive shaft out of WHAT? Front wheel drive vehicles are considerably more difficult to remove than most rear wheel drives unbolt it

How to make a 4x4 onto 2 wheel drive?

Remove the front drive shaft

How do you take the center supporter off the front drive shaft?

You have to remove the drive shaft and take to to a machine shop. It has to be pressed off Rob

How do you remove the drive shaft on a 1999 Ford f150 Ford?

Chock the wheels to be sure vehicle will not roll. Mark the differential and drive shaft before removing drive shaft. Remove 4 bolts from differential-end of drive shaft. Place a pan under the transmission-end of drive shaft and have clean rags handy. Push the drive shaft slightly toward the front of the vehicle while pulling downward on the drive shaft and lower it to the ground. Pull the drive shaft toward the rear of the vehicle until the front of the drive shaft pulls out of the transmission. Place the drive shaft on the ground and put rags in the transmission to prevent oil leakage and keep dust/dirt out. Assemply is reverse of removal with special attention to aligning marks on the drive shaft to the mark on the differential.

Can you tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee on a front wheel dolly?

You can if you remove the rear drive shaft.

How do you tow a 2003 4x4 Chevy pickup?

remove the drive shaft

How do you remove the drive shaft from a 1996 Geo Tracker?

First make drive shaft and yoke to insure tat they are replaced in the same location to maintain factory balance Remove small "U" bolts at yoke Pry drive shaft out of yoke Pull driveshaft off splined end

Where is the location of the speed sensor on a 1992 f150 4x4 not the one on the differential?

In the tail shaft housing. you have to remove the drive shaft and the tail shaft housing to get to it.

Remove drive shaft on 93 sonoma?

unbolt it at each of the universal joints

How do you remove the right front drive shaft on a 1990 LeBaron in order to remove and replace the power steering pump?

you can replace power stering pump without moveing drive shaft but its fiddly. to remove drive shaft undo 30mm nut in centre,undo bottom ball joint and pull strut out of way be ready to catch gear box oil.

How do you repair the starter drive on a 1991 4x4 5.7L GMC 12 ton truck?

Replace Remove starter Remove solenoid at top of starter Remove front end of starter for access Remove locking washer from starter shaft Drive should slide off shaft

How do you replace the pickup coil on a 1995 Ford Taurus?

remove the distributer, remove the roll pin holding the drive gear onto the distributer shaft, remove the distributer drive gear, remove the shaft from the distributer to gain access to and remove the stator(pick-up coil). Replace the stator, and reassemble everything.

How do you replace the rear drive-shaft on a 96 tacoma reg cab?

Remove 2 small u-bolts from rear end yoke Pry drive shaft out of yoke Slide front end of drive shaft off front splines

How do you change a driveshaft on a saxo vtr?

Remove drive shaft holder clamps round by the gear box undo off hum get wishbone down and pull drive shaft out

How do you remove the axle shaft from a 2001 Chevrolet Express van?

You should take the tires and rims off and then remove it from the drive shaft. And make sure the brake lines (if it has them) are disconnected.

How do you remove an enclosed drive shaft in a 1954 Chevy Bel Air?

Click the links.