How do you remove a dual lip piercing with 16 gauge ss CBR that appear to be stuck?

Removing a Stuck Lip Piercing

grab the ring on each side of the bead with the thumb and forefinger of both hands and pull apart, the bead should just fall out, if the ring is hard to bend and pull apart then you might need to put a little pressure against the bead with the tip or nail of your thumb. the bead is held in place by tension, there is no threading so twisting the bead will do nothing.


.....If I were you I would definetly consider going back to the shop you got this pierced at! If you mess with it too much your likely to end up with a scar,or an infection and your lip is such a noticable place. If you can't go to the original shop then just walk in to a shop where they keep a piercer employed. Piercers at tattoo shops have to go through alot of training to be allowed to pierce legally, so your better off consulting one when you encounter a problem like this. A medical doctor doesn't even know as much about piercing and tattoo aftercare as a piercer or a tattooer would. Most importantly it's Best to act fast before this gets infected which its likely to do if you've been tugging on it alot.