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jack up car making sure u use the proper lifting points on both the front drivers and passengers side. that will unload the anti swaybar link. unbolt from both dr and pass side lower control arms paying close attention to the order the peaces are is and what side they came from as they are worn to fit that side in that order. then there is 4 bolts under the car mounting it to the unibody.and that is it .it will fall right out. CHEERS AND GOODLUCK


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It isn't as simple as you may think, you have to remove the enitre front suspension. ie, control arms, rear engine mounts, cv joints. If you want to remove it, know would be a good time to change all your bushings.

Very Simple, Raise the cars front end, remove the wheels, remove the sway bar links on each side. Remove the two bolts on the bracket holding the sway bar on each side and then wiggle it out. I just replaced my rack and pinion and had to remove the sway bar to have more room to work and it was not hard at all.

If your vehicle has a sway bar it has sway bar links. There would be two links per sway bar, be it front or rear.

Get your new sway bar and you will see what has to be taken loose to remove and reinstall it.

Front is torsion bar and rear is leaf spring. Both front and rear have anti-sway bars

I have a 2000 Buick Regal GS how do I change my front sway bar

how do you replace the front sway bar likn in a 1999 Grand Marquis?

You have to remove the end links, then remove the sway bar bushings (there are two) and the sway bar will come out. Sway Bars usually do not need to be replaced unless they are bend or completely broken. It is usually end links being worn or the bushings being warn out.

Anti-Roll Bar or Sway Bar

If it has more than 100k miles, it probably needs new struts. Other possibilties are broken sway bar, worn sway bar bushings, or softer tires (like BFG Radial T/A). Check the anti-sway bars at the front and rear. You could have a broken sway bar linkage, which is easy and cheap to fix. The car will usually make a clunking sound if you have a broken linkage when you turn sharply.

to do the frt one's put a jack under the sub frame and then undo the sway bar links remove the two rear sub frame bolts and let the jack down slowly you may have to unhook the exhaust at the flex pipe remove the four bolts from the sway bar bushings and the bar should come out.

Need to know what your question is.

Anti-sway bar or shock broken.

Remove belt tentioner bolt and belt (from top), and support bolt (from bottom). Remove driver wheet and unbolt sway bar, replace wheel. Remove passenger wheel and support vehicle. Remove sway bar bolt, sway bar can now swing up and down. Remove lower splash cover. Remove alternator from opening in fender well while pushing down on sway bar. Replace in reverse order.

Ensure all sway bar links are good (front & rear). Make sure front end is tight and struts are not worn.

Haynes is a good manual for this. This is rather hard as the entire front sub frame (holds engine and tranny) must be lowered slightly in order to slide the sway bar out the driver's side wheel well. 1. Remove left wheel. 2. Raise car and support sub frame with a jack. 3. Disconnect nut at the rack to the steering shaft - under a protective boot (make sure the steering wheel and wheels are straight - try not to disrupt this during entire process). 4. Remove sway bar links and sway bar bushings. 5. Remove rear sub frame bolts, and loosen front bolts a few turns. 6. Lower jack supporting sub frame enough to slide the sway bar out the wheel well. This basically how to remove the sway bar.

Most new sway bar bushings are split so they can be R & R easily. Remove clamp from bushing, slip or cut old bushing out, slip new bushing in and replace bushing clamp.

Remove the fan shroud remove the radiator remove the fan there is a fan in front of the radiator fan, loosen the sway bar on that and lower it a little so you can remove that belt loosen the alternator sway bar belt should be loose... replace belt reverse to put everything back you will need a ratchet and 10mm socket keep track of your bolts. Good luck!

It has a sway bar in the front and in the rear. It has a connecting link at each end of each sway bar = 4 total

3,500 lbs., provided you have a Class IV hitch AND either electric brakes on the trailer you are pulling, or anti-sway bars and HF's anti-sway and friction brake combo bar(s).

change the sway bar rubber bushings and sway bar link bushings

Check with a Ford dealer - there was a recall on the front sway bar links because under certain conditions they could fracture - so they were replacing the left and right front sway bar links under the recall. (Helpfull)

Sway bar has other names as anti-roll bar or stabilizer bar and is present in automobile suspension. The purpose of a sway bar is to keep the body roll of the vehicle at low level during a sharp turn.

It may be your shock absorbers or the front sway bar.

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