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try 2 pipe wrenches or cut the pipe and remove remaining with a nipple extractor avail about any Plumbing supply or home center

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Q: How do you remove a mild steel fitting from a pipe?
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What is the means of ms pipe?

mild steel pipe.

Difference between mild steel pipe and black iron pipe?

What is the defferec between Carbon steel pipe and Mild steel pipe? Syed Hamad Ur Rehman Project Director Hatah (Pvt) Ltd

Can you connect chromed steel pipe directly to copper or do you need a brass fitting between?

In order to connect a chromed steel pipe to a copper pipe, you will need a brass fitting. These two pipes will not fit into each other otherwise.

Is it required to have a dielectric fitting between brass valve and black steel pipe?


Remove male pipe broken in fixed steel pipe?


Difference between ms pipe and erw pipe?

MS pipe refers to mild steel pipe and ERW pipe is electric resistance welding pipe. The difference is ERW is made of very fine hard steel, while MS (black pipe) is made of malleable steel.

Do you need dielectric fitting between black iron pipe and stainless steel?


What advantage does galvanised pipe have over black mild steel?

it last for longer

What impact can mild steel have on the environment?

Mild steel pipes must be coated or painted so that it won't corrode. If it did break down, this would mean that not only does the pipe affect the environment, but the material in the pipe as well.

Definition and fullform of gi pipe?

gi pipe is hot dip galvanized black steel pipe. Material ms is mild and gi is galvanized steel that has been hot dipped .

How do you remove barb fitting on cooper pipe?

Either cut it out on the pipe with copper cutters or sweat it out with a plumbing torch.

What is weight of 25mm diameter mild steel pipe?

A mild steel ERW tube 25mm diameter with 2mm wall with 1000 mm length weighs about 1.2kg

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