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How do you remove a pool?


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Pool Removal WebsiteHere is a website that documents one person's experience removing a concrete inground swimming pool. There are lots of pictures and other interesting information on the project.

There are couple of ways to remove a pool - complete removal or partial removal. Most people go with partially removing the pool to cut down on the expense. has some detailed articles on the process. . This site also gives you an idea of pool removal cost.

Good luck with your project!


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If your filter is repaired then you can just vacuum the pool.

Remove decking material (concrete, tile, etc....) then the coping is screwed to the pool backing.

To remove excess rain water in an inground pool, you likely want to get a filter. You can also install a drain at the very bottom of the pool, but this will need to be closed if there were water in the pool for swimming.

Very carefully, You could try to remove them with a scoop net first. or if the top of the liner is dry vacuum them.

Drain pool and clean with muriatic acid

If you can get to it, remove the wire used to hold the cover on. Remove as much snow as you can, try to minimize the weight on your pool.

Call a local pool store and ask what they recommend in lieu of draining the pool.

Yes, the pool will not collapse if you remove the water as long as it is not broken.

In order to remove sand from a pool it must be vacuumed out with a pool vacuum that hooks up to the skimmer line (suction line) of the pool. If the pool is quite smaill it may not have a skimmer in which case you could get a Spa Vac for about 80 bucks, it works like a giant syringe.

To remove sediment from a vinyl quick set pool you will need a pool vacuum. Move the vacuum very slowly as you work so that it has a chance to catch everything.

You don't "remove it" You fill it in with dirt and pack it firmly.

It's better to patch over a pool patch than to try to rip or scrape it off. If it will pull up easily with your fingers, then you can remove it.

The only way to remove Hardness is to partially drain and refill your pool.

You could drain your pool and have it cleaned. Or just have a pool cleaner clean it for you. And next time use chlorine to prevent larvae from hatching in your pool.

Chlorine is an effective agent against treating your pool against bacteria. You can buy supplies to test and treat your pool at pool shops.

No, but the pool will kill the grass underneath if the pool stays in one place for a long time

Remove any solids you can, then vacuum the bottom of the pool, then shock the pool with chlorine shock. Hatawa

To remove rust from the water in a swimming pool, shock the pool until the water is clear of everything other than the rust staining. Then run the filter, backwashing frequently until the rust is gone.

you would have to go to the store and buy some bleach and put it in the pool.

that's easy! 1) remove vinyl 2) install granite

What is the best way to remove algae stains from the pool liner? Empty the pool, use a soft brush, mild detergent and water to remove algae stains from the pool liner. Thoroughly rinse and dry before refilling or storage. More pool ?

Remove some or all of the water

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