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How do you remove a propeller 48 inches or bigger dia. from a tugboat shaft while on dry dock?

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Having serious trouble removing the propeller from our boat? Does this require a special tool? If so, where do we find one? This is our first boat , and we have no experience at replacing parts. It's been running great but we've been told it needs new seals. Can someone advise us please.We want to float this boat! Thanks!

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Describe two tests which can be carried out on a propeller shaft?

1) make sure the universal joints are smooth and no tight spots through movement. 2) ensure there is no excessive play or wear in the universal joints you will need to remove the propshaft to carry out these checks.

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Remove the transfer case shield, if equipped.Drain the transfer case of fluid.Remove the front propeller shaft.Remove the rear propeller shaft.Remove the transmission shift control cable clip from the transfer case.Remove the transmission vent hose clip from the bracket, if equipped.Disconnect the speed sensor electrical connector. Disconnect the inline to engine harness electrical connector. Remove the inline connector from the harness bracket.Disconnect the encoder motor electrical connector. Remove the clips from the transfer case brackets.Disconnect the transfer case vent hose.Support the transmission with a suitable transmission jack stand.Remove the transmission mount nuts.Remove the crossmember bolts.Remove the crossmember.Remove the transmission mount boltsRemove the transmission mount from the adapter.Support the transfer case with a suitable jack stand.Remove the transfer case adapter nuts.Remove the harness bracket. Important: The following service procedure must be performed with the assistance from another technician.Remove the transfer case, perform the following:Slide the transfer case straight back toward the rear of the vehicle.Rotate the transfer case so that the front output shaft is above the torsion bar bracket.Rotate the transfer case (with the input shaft slightly lowered) so that the transfer case is parallel to the torsion bar bracket.Lower the transfer case.