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Q: How do you remove a salt stain from a pebblecrete pool?
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How do you get your salt pool clear?

remove the salt

Can you use rock salt in your saltwater pool system?

You can but is not recommended. Rock salt takes longer to dissolve and it can stain your pool because it contains impurities.

How can you remove brown and yellowish stains from a salt water pool with auto fill?

First, find out what the stains are. Iron staining? Stain from using Morton System Saver salt pellets? Algae? Your pool service man should be able to tell you. Then take the appropriate action to remove - ask your local pool shop or pool service person.

How do you put the salt into the water?

The best way to add salt to the water is to split the bag open and pour the salt onto the steps. This way the ink on the bag will not stain the pool and by putting the salt on the steps your Kreepy Krawly or other automated pool cleaner will not suck the salt up.

How do you clean salt stains from concrete pool?

Salt does not stain you probably have calcium stains. This can be cleaned with a solution of muriatic or hydrochloric acid. try a test piece first and be careful for your eyes.

How can you remove stains from wood chips in a salt system pool?

My experience is that the stains will go away by themselves, through the effects of the chlorination of the water. Does not matter if the pool is a salt pool or fresh water pool. If the pool has a plaster finish, brushing the stains with a wire pool brush will speed up the process.

How do you convert your pool from salt to non salt system?

Remove the salt chlorinatorand stop adding salt, then revert to your prefered method. Ozone is becoming very popular now.

How do you remove lime popsicle stain in my plastic freezer drawer?

try "scrubbing" the area with coarse salt. after that try bleach.

How do you lower salt content in a swimming pool?

Remove some of the water and refill it with fresh water.

Will salt stain copper?


Will installing a saltwater system on a new pool immediately after filling with water but before the interior has cured stain the pool?

I have a salt water system and recently had my pool resurfaced. There was no staining. If you put your salt in the skimmer like you we're supposed to there should be no staining, If you put your salt directly into your pool it could stain from the minerals in the salt. If you used table salt there will be much less staining than if you used road salt. ANSWER:: You should NEVER use road salt or table salt. Wrong chemical make up! Follow directions on the "pool salt" bag. The salt goes into the pool and not the skimmer!! You must brush any salt that lingers on the floor until it is mostly dissolved. DO NOT add salt until the water has filtered for at least 24 to 36 hrs. or that recommended by the manufacturer or pool builder. Do not rely on other people to tell you what needs to be done. GO to the source -- builder - manufacturer. You should not have staining if the above basics are followed. Additionally, you must run the standard pool equipment for about 2 weeks or more. This gives the plaster time to cure properly. The salt system can and most likely be installed by the builder as he installs the pump and filter. The salt system unit will not be turned on until the plaster has cured. After the cure you must follow procedures on the proper start-up of the salt system. K

How do you remove salt stains from slate tiles?

Use a 10% solution of pool acid and wash with water