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How do you remove both driver and passenger side air bags from a 1996 Ford Mustang?


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there is 2 screws on the side of the steering wheel and and others on the glove compartment, disconnect the battery


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Yes , one for the driver and one for the front passenger

Yes, the 1996 and 1997 are the same body style so this should work fine.

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They are plastic right ? Prise them off with a screw driver, they'll come off quite easily.

bank 1 - is the passenger side of the engine on your Ford V8

Under the plate in the seat of the passenger behind the driver.

i believe this to be on the passenger side if not the driver side of the trunk you must remove the side carpet corner by unscrewining the little knobs upper corners

back of the engine towards the firewall, should be on the passenger side

It is equipped with both driver and passenger air bags.

That's the metal wall that divides the engine compartment from the driver / passenger

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The 1996 Ford Mustang GT was rated at 215 horsepower

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Drain the radiator. Remove the drive belt. unbolt the pump and remove it. Replace the pump and the o ring that seals it.

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There is no 5.0 engine in a 1996 mustang. 96 is the first year of the 4.6 engine.

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