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How do you remove candle wax from inside kitchen plumbing?



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Thanks for your help! Here's how I finally removed the wax from my kitchen pipes plumbing...I ran hot water, plunged, scooped the water out. My little helper held the stopper for me as I poured grease lightning(drain 1 hour), then a gallon of bleach (drain 1 hour),ran the dishwasher, (do not ever do that), then oops remover (we left from the smell)then I boiled water on stove until it filled both sides and used a wire clothes hanger. The next morning I went & purchased something that was called Foaming action snake, a commercial size bottle of vinegar and an extra large box of baking soda. I poured baking soda then vinegar and it made a volcano and I repeated this until ALL the stuff was gone. Finally, I poured the action snake foam and left. 2 hours later I boiled water again poured it in the side of the sink where the wax was put, filling both sides and continued this a few times , it is back to new! It took a lot of time and patience and I thank you for your input! Khrystal

It sounds to me like you have a big problem. The first step would probly be to remove the trap under the sink. If it was a small amount of wax it will probly be all in the trap. If it was a large amount of wax then your going to have a problem. I have only one other suggestion and that would be to keep a steady stream of boiling water down the drain. It will keep the wax melting and maybe take it all the way out of the drain sytem. On the other hand of it was a very large amount of wax you might have to try getting a drain snake and pushing it out. my last suggestion would cost the most and that would be to replace the drain sytem. good luck, shaun

Our 4 yr old dumbed about a cup and half of hot wax down our sink tonight. We removed the p trap and there it all was! We cleaned out trap and ran boiling hot water thru the sink...wahla! good as new! SASHA