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Removing the door panel in the 99' Solara can be a bit of a pain...

~ Start by removing the two screws along the bottom of the door, towards the hinge.

~ Next remove the Screw on the right (driver's door) or left (passenger), under the plastic cover. (It would probably be a good idea to remove the black plastic piece that sits on the top of the door, hinge side, as it may get in the way later. It should just pop off.)

~ Right behind the inside handle of the door, there is a screw. (I think there is a cover over it, mine didn't have any)

~ The panel that the window controls and locking controls sit on needs to be removed. Under the fabric material that lines the bottom of the "grab handle" i guess you'd call it, there is another screw. Once you remove the screw, carefully lift the side facing away from the hinge out first. It is somewhat clipped in on the hinge side. You will have to disconnect the wiring from inside the door, to the panel, then remove it.

~ Once the window control panel is removed, You should be able to see another screw inside the door panel, which screws directly into the door's frame. Remove that one as well...

~ Along the bottom and both sides, there are several little "buttons" that just pop out. They can be found and popped out using a flathead screwdriver. By this point, you should be able to slip your hand in (and even look up into) the door's innards.

~ Next comes the tricky part. While this can be done with just one person, it's a bit easier to have two. By now, all screws have been removed from the door. However, the door handle unit needs to be unclipped. For this example, I'll use the driver's door...

Looking at the handle, there are two clips (one on the top left, and one on the bottom left.) Using a flat head screwdriver, you'll have to play with it a bit, and get both clips popped off. Once both clips are out, you should be able to pull the left side out, and un-hinge the mounted unit from the door frame.

While you are doing this, you can lift the door panel up a bit to help getting the clips undone. (This is where a second person comes handy)

~ Once the handle unit is removed, carefully lift the door panel up. Note that the small speaker on the door is connected to the frame, and the wiring to it needs to be disconnected. Pop that wiring off, and you're done!

Hope this gets you through it. Good Luck.


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Q: How do you remove door panel from a 1999 Toyota solora?
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