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How do you remove door panel to replace outside mirror on 1998 Plymouth Breeze?



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Tools needed: small flat head screwdriver, #2 Phillips screwdriver, window crank clip removal tool, ratchet with 8mm? deep well socket.

If you have crank window:

First with door open, use window clip removal tool (be careful clip is not lost).

With small flathead screwdriver, carefully remove speaker grill by gently prying around outside edges.

remove 3 screws in pockets around speaker (not speaker screws).

remove screw under covers in door pull and inside door lever cup.

Remove screw at front of door panel near hinge.

Gently pull door panel, starting at bottom, working around to the back of door to top, lift from bottom. Top is held in channel.

After inside door panel is off/removed, remove two screws holding black plastic cover on inside of door, back side of mirror (cover should fall off).

Remove three body plugs from under panel and plastic cover.

With 8mm? deep well socket remove three nuts from back of mirror, make sure to support mirror while removing nuts.

that's it, reverse to install new mirror.

I have not removed door panel from car with electric locks or windows, but I guess most of these instructions will be the same.

Power Window Instructions are exactly the same with the exception of the window clip removal tool is NOT required. I just completed my mirror installation and everything works great. Thanks for the help. Deno