How do you remove driver inside door panel to get to window that wont go up or down and motor still runs on a 2002 discovery se2?

there is screw behind the door handle, remove it. slide the handle off. lift it like you are opening the door. Then slide the cover out. usually forward. remove the door pulls. Two bolts.. I think a 10mm remove them. Use a trim removal tool to pop the retainers. don't make the same mistake i did and use a screw driver. They can be gotten at most parts stores and are only $5-10. Well worth it. There is a rubber sealed plastic cover on the door. Remove it carefully. It is easy to rip. Set it off to side out of the way. Another mistake I made. That will give you access to the inside of the door. If you are not sure of why the window is having the problem most likely it is small plastic wheel that runs in the window track. It brakes. The repair is the complete assembly. Rover dose not make a repair kit to just replace the wheel. The cost of assembly is about $100.00. Other rover owner say they have seen a rebuild kit. I have not found one. Before you remove the assembly; tape the window in the up position. No tape means a good chance to break the window. If you have a digital camera, it is a good idea to take pictures of the removal process. Installation is the reverse of removal. It will take some wiggling of the assembly. to remove it. This take about two hours to complete if you have some experience. If not about 4. It is not difficult. the parts are less expensive online. do a search. several will come up. check for the best prices. Stay away from used parts, it is not worth it. This a common problem in the rover. I have done all four of mine. I have a 1996. I don't remend it but the shade tree fix is the same process. instead of replacing the tack assembly. take the plastic wheel off the metal one. Grease up both the wheel and the track. You will probably get a noise out of the mechanism, and this is only a temporary fix.By doing it yourself you can save about $3-400. Rover shops are not cheap. If you don't have one obtain the workshop manual. It comes in both the book form and a CD form. they can be found on e-bay, and at the parts supplier you choose..hope it helps. Gotta love a rover. duboff