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You can add, hide and remove an admin to your Fan Page by following these simple steps;

1. Go to your Fan Page

2. Click "Edit page"

3. Go to "manage Admins"

4. From there, you can add an admin by typing a name or email address if you will add an admin. Click remove if you're going to hide an admin.

4. After you typed the name or email address you need to enter your password to verify the action you made.

That's it and your done!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 06:17:50
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Q: How do you remove hide admin fan page?
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How do you remove an admin from facebook fan page?

how to remove hidden admin i dont know.but how to remove a admin from your page it is easy if you are also admin of that page. if you are not admin than it can not be done. simply edit page go to manage admin and remove that admin which you want..

How can a Fan page invite a friend or fan to their site when there's no suggest a fan or friend button on a fan page?

If you are an admin of a facebook fan page you can suggest it to your friends. Just go tou your page and at the lower part of the list of admin you can see there "Suggest to friends". Hope this helps.

How do you delete a Facebook Fan Page from the internet?

Only the admin and manager of the page can delete it. Admin have to go to the page setting and there he can find the option of permanent page removal.

How you find out the creator of fans page on Facebook?

In some fan pages, you can not find out the creator or the admin. But in most of the fan pages nowadays choose to feature the creator of the page specially those business fan pages. You can see the fan page/admin at the bottom left part of the page.

How do you admin yourself back your facebook fan page?

Sorry, but you can't.

How do you link my personal Facebook account to my Facebook fan page?

There is no to need to link the account if you are the admin of your page then your profile account is directly linked to the Facebook Fan Page

You have 2 Facebook accounts One is personal another is a Fan page you are the admin But you could not get Facebook mobile for the Fan page while you can connect with your personal page through mobile?

a fan page isn't an account, it's a fan page and run from your personal account

How do you delete Facebook account and not the fan page?

You can delete your account, but make sure to assign another admin to your fan page before deleting your personal facebook profile to keep your fan page. Hope this helps.

Can you delete your facebook page and keep your fan page?

You can do this if your fan page has 2 or more admins. But if you own a page solely you can delete your facebook account together with the fan page. So, make sure to have another admin before deleting your personal facebook account.

How do you remove a fan page on my account?

To remove a fan page on your facebook account you can Unlike them by simply visiting the fan page you want to remove you can see the "unlike" link at the bottom part of the page. But if you own the page you can delete it permanently just use facebook as page and go to "edit page" and click "Permanently delete this page".

How to remove fan page on Facebook?

- Go to the particular page - See the left bottom of page > Click * Remove me from Fans *

How do I email my fans on my page on Facebook?

Facebook does not allow fan page admin to email their fans. Unless you gather their email addresses and contact them manually.

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