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Mine broke so took of cowlings and released security chip holder and found the pins, as I couldn't turn the key I decided to take a small chisel to the pins after a couple of hits I found the key would turn all the way. Fixed it I thought, but NO lock jammed up fully this time. More hits and key turned. This time I turned the key to just past the A position and found the pins could be depressed, undid the 2 screws holding the barrel in position and hey presto the barrel comes out. Undid the 2 screws at te rear of the barrel and removed the metal rear section, then with a bit of fiddling carefully removed the plastic switch mechanism (noting position of key and that if switch orientation). Barrel now works ok with no sticking so checked switch operation and found to be ok. Looked at switch section and noticed a small bit loose inside which I removed, checked switch again still appeared ok, so reinstalled everything and now it works ok - now I'm happy again, 106 mobile again. Hope all this helps someone. Cheers Grumpy old git 29.7.2006 Now this problem has repeated itself twice and has been 'temporarily' cured by the chisel method. This last time I did a thorough inspection of the plastic switch with the contacts and came to the conclusion that it was not the problem as thought before. As the key when it is turned first operated the steering lock I turned my attention to this and am now of the opinion that the 'peg' that locks the steering column is the most likely cause as any resistance to the peg comming out will stop the key from turning at all - striking the pins using a hammer and chisel puts a longitudinal shock on the lock assembly and presumably relases the pin. This last time I have tried repeatedly hitting the side of the barrel with a hammer to no avail, but one hit longitudinal with the chisel method and 'magic' the key turns. Cheers Grumpy old git 4.5.2007

erm mine broke and i had 2 grind the pins out and remove the ignition barrel i am currently trying to find a way to wire up a new igition i baught from motor spares company if u have any idea where the wires are meant to join onto the new ignition id be gratefull PS / theres probably an easier way of doing it mate but im from doncaster so...........................

If its anything like a Renault which i suspect, then you will have to remove the cowling,undo a torx screw which is tucked between the barrel and the dash/clocks, i used a short torx bit and pliers for this. There may be two pins on the underside of the barrel, if these cant be pressed once the key has been turned to a certain position, then they will have to be carefully drilled out without damaging the metal tube which its housed in, then it should be possible to pop it out, just disconnect the two connector plugs which come from the ignition switch befor pulling the barrel out.

As stated above, the steering column cowling should be removed. The next thing to do is disconnect the wiring. This is done by unplugging the three colour-coded, two pin plugs under the steering column. Next remove the barrel retaining screw (torx on recent, hex-head on older models). Now turn the key so that it aligns with the arrow between the "A" and "M" positions. This allows the two retaining pins to be pushed in easily to facilitate the removal of the barrel. Note: - take care not to stress the wiring by ensuring that each plug is free to pass through the barrel socket before pulling on the barrel to remove it.

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Q: How do you remove ignition barrel from Peugeot 106 when key will not turn to accessory position but will release steering lock?
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