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How do you remove instrument cluster on 1992 Ford Festiva?


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Remove the vents and screws under the ac cluster speedometer cluster.

Remove the vents and screws under the ac cluster speedometer cluster.

Remove the the switches on both sides of the cluster by pulling straight out then remove the two screws between the cluster and the steering column. After those are removed pull the instrument cluster cover towards you(may be hard to get out so pull hard) then their will be 2 more screws to remove the cluster and on the back of the cluster are several twist clips that hold each bulb in the cluster. The bulbs are #194.

This is a common problem with the instrument cluster connections on the back of the cluster itself. The contacts need to be resoldered. Remove the cluster, and use a solder iron to heat and reflow the solder connections.

hi there should be same as mine which is located behind the dash you can either access it from below the dash which is awkard or remove the instrument cluster panel and unbolt the heater controls and instrument cluster as the switch is located behind them hope this is of use to you nate

There is none. You have to remove the transmission pan to change the fluid.

Fuse/ Dimmer Switch/ Illumination switch/ or just a new cluster all on its own. depends on what broke

Yeah, this is a good one. you need to remove the shift needle housing from the instrument cluster and manually set the needle by adjusting the string that moves it.

One of them is behind the instrument cluster and the other is on the side of the transmission. Ray

Changing a light on the instrumental panel requires removing the whole dashboard on a 1992 Honda Civic. Loosen and remove all the dash mounting screws and pull of the dash. Remove the cluster from the display and pull off the old bulb. Install the new bulbs.

The forum site has a "howto" section with a post that describes how to install the instrument cluster.

The speedometer itself will work but you will need to take the instrument cluster apart and transplant the speedometer unit from the 92 cluster into the 87 cluster. The speedo mechanism is the same but the clusters are different.

There are two holes in the surround in front of the cluster. Push a small screwdriver very hard into a slot, whilst pulling on the shaft of the screwdriver. This will pop the surround out on one side, then do the other.Once the surround is off, take off 4 torx screws, and remove. Be careful to label connections before taking them off!

Disconnect the negative bat. terminal. Remove the instrument cluster. Remove the hood release cable. Remove the retaining screws and detatch the left and right lower dash panels. Remove the glove compartment and ashtray. Remove the heater control assembly. Remove the center console. Remove the steering column U bracket and lower the column and support it. Remove the defroster grille and the defroster ducts at each end of the instrument panel. Remove the upper and lower panel bolts at each end. Remove the panel frame from the floor bolts in the center. Remove the mounting bolts that attatch the instrument panel to the cowl at the base of the windshield. Pull the instrument panel back and disconnect all electrical fittings. Remove it from the door opening.

According to the 1992 Ford Festiva with the 1.3 liter four cylinder engine has spark plugs gapped at ( .044 inch )

yes NO, The 89 uses a speedometer cable where the 92 is electronic.

your fuse blow, There might also be a problem with the actual bulbs that are behind the instrument cluster.

Remove the trim piece covering the instrument cluster. Remove the trim piece covering the map light and rear window defogger switches. Remove the two bolts holding in the radio and slide it out. Disconnect the wiring harness and antenna lead at the back. The new radio may need a wiring adapter.

Where is the fuse for the digital cluster dash in a 1992 Chevy S10?

You have to replace the whole instrument cluster. Make sure you don't have a bad connection or a coil that is getting weak first.

If the instrument cluster is just mechanical then you will need to pull it out and check that the gears and rod that connect to the odometer are working and still connected and if they are then you will need to have the cluster overhauled by a certified speedometer shop........

Answer is No, I just tried having a 92 and 93 ls 400. Plugs are different and dash config is different.

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