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How do you remove left rear door panel on Mercedes Benz 300SE?

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2009-06-06 21:52:37

Begin with the plastic cover, just behind the inside door

handle. Pull the cover, and you'll expose a Phillips head screw.

Loosen all the screws holding the arm rest to the door panel. Using

a tiny screwdriver, loosen the trim next to the rear-most window

(the screw heads are on the opposite side. When the screw is out,

push the trim upward to release the tab. Loosen the two screws

holding the chrome ring around the striker latch. Unscrew the door

lock knob. Check for additional screws on the bottom of the door

panels (in the carpeted area). Lift the panel upward. If resistance

is encountered, check the area for screws or other snags. When

replacing the door panel, it's always handy to place a drinking

straw over the door lock knob assembly, so that it doesn't wobble

around and make mating the door panel back on too difficult. Route

the straw through the hole in the door panel and you can pay more

attention to the rest of the job.

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